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  1. Love to see VR in F1 2020. Come on codemasters do the right thing for us VR users.
  2. I Have the same issue in VR after the update the image is pixelated but this does not happen in the freemode anybody else notice this? I'll try the MSAA change and hopefully this will help, such a great game in VR please codemasters fix this and share a little love our way. I'm running on steam with and Index connected to a 2080ti latest drivers and 9900k. Does anybody know of any config changes that can help fix it, because if its working fine in the freemode then maybe it's just a bad config. Hope they sort this mess out soon.
  3. Hi Guys, Not sure if this an update issue but after a 10gb update on the 21/01/2020 in VR the image for the car and basically everything is completely blurry and blocky. It's like very low rate bit maps are being loaded, to give you and idea how bad it is I can't see any numbers on the speedometer and spectators are just blobs of colour. This is in rally and rallycross but oddly not in freemode there it's totally fine as normal. I have a 2080ti and 9900k so I have plenty of legroom. I'm using steam and Index and not matter what the supersampler is on it has no effect. All was fine until the update and no other games have this affect, so before I uninstall the game and reinstall I was hoping somebody here might have some ideas to help. Thanks