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  1. Samwichx

    Dirt Rally 2.0 Broadcast Events - Biweekly?

    Broadcasts will be hosted by SimSpeed - they've set up a Dirt Rally 2 channel for us on their discord: https://discord.gg/5vMvwN
  2. Samwichx

    Dirt Rally 2.0 Broadcast Events - Biweekly?

    Lads Luca's been busy trying to get a DR2 live event format going. Bit of a test run at it this Saturday (4th April). Find the club link below. Club will open 20:00 Australian Eastern Standard Time Club will be open for an hour Random Rally and Car Class Top 6 results will get invited into a lobby approx 15 minutes after the event is finished Top 6 drivers will compete over another randomly chosen event broadcasted live At this stage only PC drivers will be able to compete in the broadcast. Plan is to get a discord running with more info soon. Ideally we'd like to make this a reoccurring event every (TBD) weeks Club link: https://www.dirtrally2.com/clubs/club/260951
  3. Samwichx

    Dirt Rally 2.0 Broadcast Events - Biweekly?

    Something like this definitely needs to happen if the game is to continue growing. DR2 is a great platform that could be used in an ongoing competitive basis. The Dirt Rally 2.0 World Series attracted tens of thousands of drivers, a number far greater than you'll see in any automated Daily/Weekly/Monthly challenge. Even the largest community clubs - currently the only place to go for a true competitive experience - only attract hundreds of drivers at the most, a large majority of which have already been involved in the Dirt franchise since before the release of DR2. The game has almost been out for a year now and it desperately needs a form of ongoing competitive stimulus. Without it, the competitive aspect of the game risks dying out. The World Series was a glimpse at how exciting competitive rally action can be, but the World Series is over now, so what's next? I believe that Luca is totally right in the idea that frequent competitions officially hosted and broadcasted by CM (or a contracted team) via the official Dirt social platforms could give a great boost to the game's viewership and help grow the driver-base. Even monthly broadcasts would help to sustain the game's community as a healthy competitive environment. I'm sure some of the more dedicated community members would be willing to give their time to help plan and manage such events. They have already tried to produce similar environments using the Clubs feature, but without the reach of the official Dirt brand they have struggled. There wouldn't need to be prizes, as drivers would see the competitions as the premier opportunity to highlight their own skills to audiences and their fellow competitors. DR2 has an amazing potential to be a truly competitive rally sim (brought about by the hard work of the developers - the physics are a much needed step up from previous rally titles), but it can only be realised through the desire and support from the top. Otherwise it will take it's place in history as 'just another casual rally game' *cough* Dirt 4 *cough*