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  1. PoSNameless

    Official photographer

    Another good use of using the POV of the photographers & cameras (stand-alone cams, crane cams, drone cams, etc.) would be to use those during the Replays, especially during Rallycross. There are so many cameras on some of those tracks that aren't used, but could be. You would have more viewpoints, and I believe that using those cameras would make the Replays look more realistic. Perhaps even have an option for the viewpoint(s) you watch the Replays through that only uses the photographers & cameras. The uselessness of the photographers & cameras has actually been one of those small annoyances that I've had with racing games.
  2. I'd like to see an expansion of the information about the vehicles, more info for the tracks, descriptions for tuning options and descriptions for repair options. I'll go through a quick rundown of what I'm imagining for each category. ============================== Expanded Vehicle Information - For all the info that's already shown, there are a few things that aren't there that would be useful. Things like the Ride Height, the amount of Torque produced by the engine, and how much the HP and/or Torque is changed when you upgrade the engine. Being a nerd, I could also go for a little more info regarding the Vehicle History, but that's just me. Expanded Track Information - It seems to me that although there is a lot of useful info, some of it is incomplete. My biggest annoyance is the info about Elevation Change, all it says is the difference between the Start and Finish. There's nothing about whether that change is going up or down, or what the elevation of the Start or Finish lines are. This would be especially useful on the tracks with higher elevations, since it seems like certain vehicles have a loss of engine power on those. I also think it would be helpful to be able to access some sort of 3D model of the track when you look at it's info when at the Service Area or when choosing a track, like for Custom Events or Time Trials. Description for Tuning Options - What I mean for this is making a few adjustments to how the Tuning Option is presented and expanding some of their descriptions. For example, the way the options for Brake Bias and Torque Bias are represented should be changed from a simple percentage that goes up or down; instead it should be two numbers ( 50/50 ) to show the amount of power going to both the front and rear. The Ride Height option could also be adjusted, because as it is, all you're told is how many millimeters you are raising or lowering it. You don't know if the Ride Height is constant, or if it changes with the different Surface Types. It'd be a little more helpful to know what the actual Ride Height is and have that shown as the stat that's being changed. Descriptions for Repair Options - When repairing a vehicle, there come times when you just can't afford everything. However, all you're told is how much damage each part has received. You don't know what that damage actually does unless you've been playing long enough to know what each tier of damage (Light, Medium, Heavy) actually means for certain parts. Some things are obvious (if your Engine is damaged, you go slower; if your Transmission is damaged, your shifting is affected; etc.), but I don't like not knowing what does what.
  3. So, I've been testing out keeping revs up before launch the past few days, and I have to say that it is helpful in getting a better/faster launch. If the car has a Turbo, it helps to push the revs up just before you launch because this gives more power to the Turbo. If you just hold your revs steady, the power of the Turbo settles down to about *50%*, whereas if you push your revs up just before launch, the power for your Turbo goes up to around *75%*. I don't know if the same applies to the Supercharger since that works differently than a Turbo. Anywho, thanks for the info. I've been playing racing games for over 15 years, but you can always learn new things. Also, if you find your car is threatening to tip over onto its side, here's how you can (prepare for terrible pun) get back on track. šŸ˜± When you start to roll, turn your wheels away from the side that is coming off the ground. If you do end up on your side, you still have a chance to correct that by turning the wheels towards the ground to lift your car up a little & hope that its enough to roll you back onto your wheels. EDIT = I checked the car list, and the only car with a Supercharger is the Lancia 037 Evo 2 Group B (RWD). The Lancia Delta S4 Group B (AWD) & its Rallycross variant have a Supercharger & Turbo. * = Turbo behaves differently for each car. The older cars tend to have less Turbo power & need more RPM to activate it. Whatever car you use, if it has a Turbo, push your revs up just before launch for maximum power.
  4. I don't know how much of a difference this really makes, but should you get your engine revs up before you launch in Rally stages? I know your spotter says to do so in Rallycross, but I've never really been certain if it actually does anything for your initial launch or overall time in Rally stages. I assume that it has more of an effect on cars with a turbo, but even then I can't tell if it does anything significant. Also, should you keep the revs up when in the air after a jump? Other than keeping the turbo engaged, I don't really know if it's a good thing for the wheels to be spinning when you land or not. ============================================= I'd like to provide a little tip regarding crests and jumps. Whenever you're going over a big crest, and especially when going off a jump, it's helpful to tap the brakes before you hit the top (ideally you do this near the top, just before the angle of the crest/jump starts going flat). What this does is transfer the weight to the front of the car, making it tilt forward as you clear the crest/jump. In an ideal situation, you want to land as close to flat as possible, or at least have the front land slightly before the rear. Tilting forward off a jump gives you a better view of the track ahead and increases your car's ability to steer and decelerate when landing, but don't brake too hard because there is such a thing as "too much of a good thing" (you don't want to nose-dive into the track). What you're trying to avoid is having your car tilt backwards when going off a jump (this happens when you maintain or increase your acceleration while going off a jump), as this leads to an unstable landing position, or even worse, damage to your car. Hope this helps in some small way.
  5. PoSNameless

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    Quick question - If I'm looking for tips on my driving, which POV would be best for the video: Cockpit cam, After-Stage Replay, or 3rd Person?
  6. Thanks for the info. As for the car characteristics, I'm most interested in tips on how to handle Group B (RWD & AWD), the Lancia Stratos, Renault 5 Turbo, and the Rally GT cars. I know that's a lot, but that's what I'm having issues with. In short, I'm looking for tips on how to keep from spinning out as often. I play on PS4 with a controller, so I know that's part of the issue (can't feel road/tires as well as a wheel & don't have the same subtlety as pedals). Anywho, I'll check that out. Oh, and @SkyRex, your vids are really helpful & explain some of the more technical aspects of the game really well. Keep it up.
  7. Could someone post a collection of links regarding Tuning Tips, Explanation of Tuning Options (as in what does each option do to the car & how that affects its performance), Driving Tips/Tutorials, and if it's available, a breakdown of the characteristics individual cars & their performance qualities. Thanks