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  1. ashleydlongley

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Input on Inputs!

    I am having an issue with multi controller config, my wheel base is simxperience accuforce, fanatec csr elite pedals, fanatec seq/man 7 shifter, arduino handbrake and sim racing machine fanatec hub adaptor (seen as Fanatec wheel base), All the controllers are seen and work when checked, but they are not all working together. The accuforce wheel automayically sets to default wheel and works, great, the pedals work once calibrated, OK, but when I calibrate the wheel the pedals no longer work (but still seen in menu) unless re-calibrated, no shifter works, not on the wheel or the fanatec seq shifter even though when checked in the menu they work just fine. Now my question is why have they changed the controller interface so dramatically from DR1, which by the way JUST BLOODY WORKED and still does? There have been comments that they had to modify DR2 due to people using multiple controllers, but I had no issue's and found it very straight forward on DR1 against the new and improved (NOT IMO) I have read the controller release PDF, but surely if you have had to release such a document does that not ring the odd alarm bell?