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  1. I did not even know there are two sections! After much digging I did figure it out!!! Thanks.
  2. Ah! A Forum dedicated to Dirt2 and Dirt4. I might have some "stupid" questions in the coming days and sorry that there are some abbreviations I don't understand. At 74 I might be a little late in the Game according to many, but not for me!!! I use to Rally in Europe starting in 1965 [Austin Cooper SS 1500cc... which of course at 18 we destroyed...] so now love driving on line! Slower reflexes but I have to say, wheel, pedals, curved monitor, incredible sound system from BOSE speakers... wow!!! Who needs a car? And get hurt! ah!ah!ah! Sorry I am rambling! So, so far, in Dirt 4, what I am not understanding is when I want to upgrade everything in the car to C or A to B, [I am at D now] it is locked and written "needs R&D]. I have plenty of credit [250,000+] so I don't understand. I like the tuning! Got it just right in Dirt 4 and not in Dirt 2 yet! Of course it is the under-steer. Thank You!!! Looking forward for an answer. I imagine it is a simple one yet, mystery to me... Stay well... PS: the photo so much reminds me of my youth!!! Except it was English Green with also white roof. gazillion lights on the roof of course!
  3. I appreciate all the help received but I have to realize that at this chapter of my Life I am not going to ever drive adequately to play this game as much as I love it. It is not happening and so I graciously exit... Have a great day...
  4. AraGur

    Moved from Auto to Manual Gears Help

    Thanks for walking me through the "maze"... [smiling!] However, in "solo lap mode" there is not way to set preferences. The gear are both auto and manual... whoever changes first!!! Of course it is "training' and it helps...
  5. AraGur

    Moved from Auto to Manual Gears Help

    * Stop the game * Take the disc out, turn X Box off * Turn back on as it is impossible [I think!] to get back to the Main Menu otherwise. * Time laps "does not give options, settings". " "Career" * [New career in my case] On to "who" in F2, Driving Academy, and finally "weekend structure" / Gameplay settings / Assists / [THIS IS THE ONE] Maybe there is another path? It is the only one I have found. It is not a setting offered in "solo laps" strangely enough. It should be much easier to get to... Unless I am missing something. Well, it is written down now here!!! [In case I lose it it and myself again... getting too old maybe for this stuff played by too many generations behind me!!!] Appreciate the help putting me on the right path. Ara
  6. AraGur

    Moved from Auto to Manual Gears Help

    This is going to be a bit to the left "off subject" but I cannot find the "setting" section to switch from auto to manual! I did once, I should have written it down but nowhere now I can find it. I am wondering if it is an option only in career maybe? Or is it across the board? Frustrating! If anyone has the answer... I am now is solo laps or I can go back to the home page where there is a setting section but it is for the X box! Thank you in advance... feeling stupid really! Ara
  7. AraGur

    Moved from Auto to Manual Gears Help

    Good subject! Hands... fingers... At 74, Chef all my Life, the hands have taken indeed a beating. I use to also "Amateur Rally Race" in Europe starting in 1966 [Austin Cooper SS 1500cc "non synchronized" gear box !!! Try that one...] and while that cannot happen anymore I am finding the reality of F1 and others being, well... reality from the comfort of my Home!... I have the gearbox set up for both "auto" and "manual". Being new at it I already need my evaporating attention to the lines and the curves! I am finding out using the manual more for downshifting than upshifting... Just a sharing thought. I actually was given on this wonderful Forum the instructions to change the "driver's assist" through setting and on preferences and strangely enough I cannot change it again! Wonder why if anyone has an answer? I see it, click on A but comes back unvailable... Maybe starting the settings/preferences from a different page? What would be the start up page to find such option/ A shot in the dark!!! I still have a Mini JCW here brought back from Europe [304hp GOKART] and it is paddle shifting! Too much hardware in my lower spine and new hips for manual... With heads up display I do like it... Video Game and Car, both enjoyable... until I get a ticket on one of those surrounding Mountain Roads! Stay well... Ara
  8. Thank You! While I also found a good [finally!] instructional You Tube video on the Ferrari wheel discovering how to use unknown buttons, I realize I don't need to use the controller which came with it! All this is for sure time consuming! I can understand the hours passed by many in front of a monitor! Addicting?... and yet for sure "good times"... I am only now realizing how much technology has leaped forward [since the "Pong" game!!!]. As I dig deeper into this F1 2019 game it is mind boggling how one could be [???] a Pro while going as far as setting up the car for each track! As I keep, out curiosity, tabs on "Space X", which is not too far from me, I understand [or not!] the prowess of their achievements. Five or more Generations behind me are being raised with such exposure and that in itself creates the void between myself and today's new Society. In my eyes, very interesting... You will maybe smile at this, but if you ever need help in "cooking"... let me know! I know it is off subject while I was [maybe still am?] a too many Stars Chef Worldwide, still a passion of mine! There are no manuals for the subtle tricks and tips... Have a great day... I always look forward to "now" immerse myself into manuals and try to step by step understand... something! Ara
  9. Well, okay... Of course "now" it makes sense.... I also exchanged vice versa where the controller and the wheel were plugged in... They now both work and I Thank You very much. What surprises me is that nowhere on the Internet those questions have answers or even have been asked. Am I that ignorant? [the answer is... yes of course!]. I am going to have more questions such as eventually removing the driver's "assist" which also I cannot find the settings. But, for now I am just avoiding not getting off course or crashing! Same with the green dotted line... Maybe with more research... I remember when in 1972 Atari Pong came out... fast forward to F1 2019! A void on my part in between and now at 74 moving on into it again... Never had so much respect for Formula Drivers!!! Thanks again... Ara
  10. Very kind... Thank You! Ara
  11. Update... The controller indeed works. For me hard to use it with F1. I just cannot figure out how to technically add the wheel to X Box in the settings. It is not giving me any option to add anything. That I can see anyhow... Such a shame there is no manual ad not a single You Tube on how to add not physically but technically a wheel.
  12. I am actually on "controller settings" and cannot even figure out how to add the wheel! I don't see an option and googling does not bring up any instructions. Yet... it was working fine yesterday! And by the way, the controller is not steering either! Seems like a deeper issue...
  13. Sorry, I had not seen it. Ferrari 458 Spider. I don't think it is that good!!! Of course I am only comparing it to a car which has "race function"... I have not done that and will try right now. I am not too literate unfortunately but at 74 getting there!!! [where?] I did manage to set it all up however yesterday which step by step was quite a feat for me! Monitor, speakers, wheel and X Box One X... Will get back after I try. I so truly appreciate your input.
  14. Adding... Deleted all my saved data and restarted fresh and same... no response... crashes... black flag... back to the pits. Well, hopefully someone will enlighten me to be able to drive again.
  15. Set it up yesterday, all was more than fine. I did turn it off last night and this morning whatever I do, practice lap or career. the car exits the pits and crashes... simply no response. Of course I searched and searched for an answer but no go! A solution maybe if you would be so kind? Between the last minute yesterday while working I have not changed any settings. Thanks in advance... Loved it yesterday! Not so much today of course. X Box One X, F1 2019, Ferrari wheel.