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  1. hello Barry sorry the disturbance.... but is it possible that you can't make the game enjoyable in multiplayer mode? The situation is really untenable this year. I don't understand why all these bugs compared to 2019 that was ultimately playable. You can answer me please I have 200 drivers in my group with 7 active championships and we can not do a session without experiencing problems, we can not finish a race in 20 drivers because in 4 or 5 crash and they can not enter or during the formation lap the IA takes control of the car and does not allow you to do the race. Please let me know thank you

    1. BarryBL


      Hi @AlexTheOne83

      Your best bet will be to post bug reports of your issues so I can investigate with the correct information needed.

      Please check the below for what we are working on, and currently need more information more:


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