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  1. Hi, I am racing on PC and have had the 0 score happen to me in qualifying and weekly event! On 2 accounts this has happened but on one account it accepted my qualifying time only to show me 0 today when i went to race. I completed a race in weekly event today and won but got 0 score which would have had me at the 1 spot on the leaderboard SamTuCan1. I just raced again with a different profile, 1_Sam1am and even though it didn't showca qualifying time it properly placed me on the grid and is showing me on the leaderboard. I haven't recently changed anything and have never ran mods of any type and not even a windows update! Was trying to race again with good account but now I have NM14 error!
  2. Hi just wanted to say that it happened to me today, once. Have tried all suggested fixes and only happens randomly every now and then but this mixed with drivers deliberately running you off track at first turn every race, it is getting to be a bit of a joke to the point of not wasting my time. Such a shame as it has potential!
  3. I have to agree with all the above ideas and comments on some level, but the thing I find probably the most frustrating is the lack of respect from other drivers in the weekly events and without penalty, this even includes ai as I dont know if it is just me but they seem to be getting worse. Eg you brake hard on their inside into a corner ( clean pass ) and every time without fail they try to push and shove their way past again before the next corner unless you really hold your ground. Human opponents on the other hand is ridiculous and would be great for F1 2020 to have a penal system for bad and deliberate driving incidents as every second online weekend race I find myself shunted of the track and you only have a limited number of races and the ability to divide players into groups of 1. Assists and non assists. 2. Wheels and controllers. I think that change would see a massive improvement in player grouping and skill as I can't really understand why anyone would be playing at level 60-70 or above with assists anyway and possibly even making that a way to manage players so people cant choose to have assists above that level. Also on signal strength as twice last weekend i lost races to opponents that were only there for the first lap and there again in the standings at game end. I haven't taken any video yet but will endevour to do so from now on. This does have potential if the players are listened to!
  4. I just got on to try again and it failed again with the same error message NM14!!
  5. Again today I have already had two session s come up with NM14 error, again checked files in steam and they were all good and so was connection as I checked that. I also reduced resolution and optimised all drives. You can see all my specs in post above. I am not going to waste my time any longer, very dissapointed! Does Codemasters even know the cause of this issue. It is also causing the game to crash after it happens without egodump file being created? Regards
  6. This weeks event and second game I have got a NM14 error message, I have just verified the files, all good. Running version 1.22 with the latest windows 10 update. All drivers are up to date. It fail to do a dump file as I have noticed it crashes the game every time this occurs so I have to restart the game! I am using the game with steam and using fanalab software version 1.12. V2.5 Wheel base, V3 pedals, Formula V2 Wheel. Steam overlay turned off. I have this game port forwarded and has been a lot better since I did so. PC specs R7 3800, Asus 2070 Super advanced, 16gb Trident Z Neo 3200, Asus Rog Strix Gaming-E motherboard, Win 10 Pro. The software runs cpu at 4.2 gHz and graphics card is running factory spec. This only seems to happen occasionally, but is frustrating when it does as weekend races are in limited number. Hope this info is helpful. AEST 18:00pm was the time slot in question! Regards
  7. I am having the issue that is mentioned via this thread and it is happening irregularly, every 2nd or 3rd game on the weekly event, with the error code "NM14", which is getting rather frustrating as there are only limeted number of races! Im on PC via steam, F1 2019 version 1.20, I have even set up port forwarding on my router and had been marginally better until now? Please help, I would like to get this issue fixed asap, thanks in advance!