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  1. HighRoLa

    Make Self Aligning Torque linear.

    I guess i worded it badly. The game seems to have some effects added onto the self aligning torque, to make countersteering faster, straighten the wheel out faster at low speeds and have less self aligning torque at high speeds to avoid clipping in cheaper wheels/when people dont know how to set up FFB properly. I wish self aligning torque was just purely from real calculations, like in sims like rf2, ac, iracing... instead of having some added multipliers.
  2. Here is a little video i made to showcase what is currently happening; The self aligning torque does not seem to be linear, so with the same settings as other sims, it is way too strong and fast(*edit)at low speeds and countersteering, and too light at high speeds. The only explanation i could think of for this is that this helps low-end wheels like the G29 or T150 return to center fast, or counter steer as fast as it can, while not clipping on normal turning. Not a single other sim dev has felt the need to do this. Not even RBR in 2004. Even RBR's self aligning torque is linear. This is the case with literally every sim on the market, but not DR2.0. I feel like making self aligning torque linear would help improve the FFB by quite a bit for hardcore sim fans. Even if it was added as a non-default option in the settings. CM, pretty please?