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  1. Hi,

    I created a club and we allready did one championchip. I creatred a new. now with Finnland. I own this DLC and allready drove there. Bud i can't add it to my champiochip. All other DLC work in this champiochip. When i add Finnland it does not submit. Any Idea??



    1. PJTierney



      You should be able to add Finland to a new Championship, not sure what's going on there.

      When you do you get a warning beforehand saying "this is DLC, some players may not be able to drive it".

    2. dahrec


      It's ok now

      I tried to create the championchip without owning Finnland. So i bought it this morning. Installed and tried. Bud it didn't work.

      I tried it again some minutes ago. Now i was able to add Finnland to the championchip. It seems some things needed a longer time.

      Bus thanks for your answer