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  1. Why we cant use our own setup on Colin Mcrae events? Especially Sierra is awful with default setup.
  2. Is there something going on? I played earlier and everything was fine, now i tried to start monthly a group in poland and it stuttered like never before on shakedown. Stopped and tested stages i had played previously and they stutter too. I havent changed nothing in my computer or game settings and everything seems to be fine. I find the game unplayable now.
  3. Has there been somekind of upgrade about logic of choosing events? I have driven tons of h2fwd, r2, r5 and rallycross events. Almost all rallycross events even were on same tracks. Now i finally saw 2000cc weekly and rc on some german track i havent driven before. Events have been very much same, like we had h2fwd weekly on australia last week and we have one on australia this week, not good. I have touched My 2000cc cars three times before todays weekly, but i have maxed out couple r5:s, and front wheel drives. Same with countries, now i finally saw couple dailys on sweden and wales, there is
  4. Hi! My "navigate tab second" controls stopped working. I have Logitech g920 and game binds them to pedals. They cannot be changed and they just suddently dont do nothing on The menu. Pedals work otherwise very good. Second thing is The logic on those dailies, weeklies and monthlies. I have owned The game for 2 and a half months and somehow they are bugged. There are tons of events for new rallycross cars, R5, R2, H1fwd, h2fwd and groupB and sometimes group A and NR4. But i have driven my 2000cc cars like three times and old rallycross cars none. Same thing with tracks, i havent drive
  5. I am having really bad stuttering after latest patch. My computer is low end (i58300h and GeForce 1050), but i had only minor stutters before with medium graphics. Now i have tricked GeForce settings and lowered The graphics and i almost have no stutters, but The game looks like ****. Am i The only one who has stutters after patch?
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