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  1. The Icem@n

    talking to jeff with headset

    everthing works fine only when there is a new strategy i had to do it manual ,what do i have to say to let it work with voice.Thanks
  2. it isn't assist it just indicate you ,and for sure it isn't the fastest way if you followed it
  3. The Icem@n

    The STATE of this game....

    i played on ps4 and appart the TT bug and sometimes the loading time everthing was working quit well 😉
  4. The Icem@n

    First Time Help

    this works on ps4 ?
  5. The Icem@n

    Patch 1.04 ps4.

    don't see any update in the ps4 menu but TT works now and ingame there it's still 1.03
  6. The Icem@n

    Patch 1.04 ps4.

    TT is working but the game still tell me it's the most recent update and shows 1.03
  7. The Icem@n

    Patch 1.04 ps4.

    i m on ps4 but no patch still
  8. The Icem@n

    Patch 1.04 ps4.

    1.04 ?? nothing here to update ?
  9. The Icem@n

    PS4 TT Leaderbords

    it's worser now you recive while you driving "communication to server" in big screen so you can't see the track during 10 seconds
  10. The Icem@n

    will there be a Demo

    of F1 2020 ?
  11. The Icem@n

    F2 Contracts in My Team

    i just think his current contract ends in 35 days so in that time you can sign him for that amount till he signed a new contract
  12. so you gonna stuck with 2019 because 2020 will also be different !
  13. if you that good shouldn't be a problem not ? real F1 drivers adapt every season from their car that changed !
  14. The Icem@n

    Suggestion - 22 Car Multiplayer Races?

    no thanks already enough morrons on track !!!
  15. The Icem@n

    F1 2020 interview with Lee Mather

    difficult to controle i think who buys what ? but maybe they can force you to have a practice time on lets take 15 tracks and a certain amount of laps ,once you did them you can acces the on line lobby's