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  1. the problem here is Codemasters and the provider. Codemaster does not accept public ipv4. I now have a fixed ipv again, this can only be obtained via a fixed house connection. The future here is the high-speed fiber optic cable. It would be nice if Codemasters could do away with the problem here. The problem is now solved for me, but it will affect enough others as long as sony does not switch to ipv 6. so there are two problem cases here. In summary: 1. Codemasters has problems with a public ipv4 (fiber optic connection)! 2. Sony is not converting to the new ipv 6 process. Greetings Tim
  2. hello @BarryBL , I don't want to call it a solution. I can’t always play. is there a way to make settings on the part of codemasters and servers so that I can maybe play? I am still bound for 10 months. Greetings Tim
  3. I'm stuck until December 2020. This is very annoying!
  4. I was able to find out the problem. It is my provider. I can not join with my provider, I was just at a buddy who is not at the German fiber optic but at unitymedia. there was no problem here, I was able to join the league leaders without any problems !!!
  5. We tried various settings in the lobby, from standard settings to settings for the race. Then we also have an open lobby, only by invitation, only close friends…. We also tested to join through the Playstation Party. Everything was unsuccessful. What I noticed yesterday can you say something about the video? What does the flashing status mean? 20200131_060004.mp4
  6. @BarryBL Yes, all players have NAT type 2. I don't think it's because of the firewall since we can be in a lobby when someone else is hosting.
  7. @BarryBL I was able to take a closer look at the problem today. The problem is between me and the 2 league leaders in the lobby. I tried it with two other players. There are no problems with this. We all have NAT TYPE 2! Examples / explanations: Case1: A league leader creates the lobby everyone can join except for me. Case2: I create the lobby, everyone can join except the league leader. Case3: A teammate creates the lobby and invites me. I can join and the league leaders too. We are now in the lobby together. If the player who created the lobby now leaves the lobby, I also fly out of the lobby. Now I am alone in a lobby and the league leaders are in a lobby. What triggers the problem, what is it related to? I need help, is there any way to get rid of the problem? Greetings Tim
  8. I have the router 7590 Fritzbox. this is normally very good and compatible. Basically, it is only the two named people that the error occurs. I have approved UPnP via my router and also released ports independently. Both doesn`t changed the nat type. so far without success.
  9. @steviejay69 @BarryBL Hi there, I tried in vain yesterday to change the nat type. I did everything as in the instructions, I even released ports. Today I called my provider, he told me I can't change the nat type because I have a public ipv4 address. that would only go through additional contracts. e.g. https://www.edv-kossmann.de/festeip/ What else can I do to be able to play with them again?
  10. @steviejay69 @BarryBL okay i will give it a try, switch and join the lobby and i will get back to you, thank you very much for the quick support so far :)
  11. Why could this be the problem, why is it? the other players also have NAT TYPE2?
  12. hello @BarryBL If I switch to NAT type one I have no protection anymore I understand that I am without a router and therefore without a firewall in the network? is that correct?
  13. Hello @BarryBL, I have NAT type 2.
  14. Hi @BarryBL, first: As already described, it worked twice without problems, the problem has existed since January 10th, 2020. We always have races on Friday evenings. But we tested again, unfortunately yesterday at 6 p.m. and yesterday at 10:30 p.m. FIFA 19 was not a problem. The process is as follows: 1. The league leader creates a lobby and sends an invitation to the other players. 2. We go to the news and accept the invitation. 3. After accepting the invitation and clicking on join. 4. If the game opens and the window appears, join the online session. 5. The window is longer for the two players than for other players in my group and then the error appears, see picture above. We have also tried various lobby settings here, set, saved, even completely without a setting, only nothing set open the lobby. I have no problem with other players. Until then, there were no problems with sessions. I have already reset the router. Unfortunately, that didn't bring any success, just like the game that I uninstalled and reinstalled once. The league leaders only have a problem with me, all other 19 drivers come into the lobby without any problems. I also get into ranked games or no ranked list in multiplayer without problems. It isn`t a League lobby. It`s a normal lobby. Greetings Tim