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  1. Hi guys, t300 RS with Ferrari Alcântara on PS4 here. Finally after some time tweaking the ffb I think I've got it working 100%. For my liking. Run the game, connect the wheel, on the t300rs (for others TM servo bases and steering wheels check the manual or check here https://support.thrustmaster.com/en/kb/3132-en/), press and hold the Mode button and press the Dpad on the wheel left or right until you see the light flashes 3 times. When that happens your wheel is set to 540° of rotation. Go to the input menu select the steering wheel has your primary device and press triangle to device options and choose calibration. So turn the wheel to full lock in either direction hold it and press X. Now this is the most important part, the 90° calibration. Turn the wheel to full lock in both directions and then turn until 540° appears on the bar bellow, press X. Do the pedals calibration has normal and press X. On the calibration summary press X don't press O because the game will not save the calibration. I posted the settings bellow (the pics are flipped, so turn your head 😂). You can tweak the steering force or the SAT to a lower value. This is for the T300rs on PS4. Another important thing, when you are playing don't enter to the ps4 menu. I don't know why but everytime i put the game in background by pressing the share/options/PlayStation button and return to the game all the calibration is lost and the wheel goes back to 1080° of rotation and it must do everything again. Is this happening to you as well? For the ones still struggling with ffb settings, try this settings and give me your feedback.