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  1. G1bby

    Game is rigged?

    You obviously want to get into some kind of d**k swinging competition "oh look at me and how great I am". If you want to brag about how well you're doing in the 0PI event then go for it, I'm more than happy with my position thank you. But then I don't pay to have loads of retries like I expect other people do so again it's not really a great comparison is it.
  2. G1bby

    Game is rigged?

    What have I said in my post that suggests I'd blossom in that event?
  3. G1bby

    Brazil 0 PI Challenge top lap times

    I did a 1:08 which I thought was impressive, I could maybe knock another 1s off if I practised some corners a bit more. But some of those lap times in the 1:04 - 1:05 range are crazy.
  4. G1bby

    Game is rigged?

    Practice isn't the only answer, I have all assists turned off and I practice on every track regularly when I’m trying a new set-up, but I'm sometimes 1s behind after the first corner. My opponents have superior acceleration and top end speed, that's what an extra 300-400 PI points does. Their PI shows them having more aero, more power, less weight and better handling than my car, I can set personal best times and still lose by two or three seconds. I can beat them too if not I wouldn't have made it to that level, in qualifying mode I probably win more often than I lose. Sprint and grid starts are basically a lottery.
  5. G1bby

    Game is rigged?

    Exactly the same thing is happening to me, I reached Elite 1 but I'm now constantly paired against opponents with 300-400 higher PI than me. They're able to corner much faster than me and have much better straight line speed, the races are over before the end of the first sector, even when I'm setting personal bests. On top of that the over-aggressive AI controlled cars have basically ruined every grid start. I had five grid starts in a row where I was taken out in the first corner by the AI cars. If I try to be aggressive they side swipe me off the track, if I'm passive I'm rammed from behind and pushed off the track. The last two days I've lost over 300 points ranking points. I'd probably be happier to pay for upgrades if the gameplay in grid starts and sprint races was better but I'm not spending money to get constantly wiped out by AI controlled cars.
  6. G1bby

    Another update...

    Just moved up a level so I've been able to add a bit more performance to the car, just did a 1:19.99.
  7. G1bby

    Another update...

    I have no brake assist and low steering assist. I've just been exerimenting with my set-up, my previous best was a 1:23.6 using a full aero package (aero = 640ish) but I've now added a bit more power and handling and after a bit of practise I've just done a 1:21.4 so a 2s improvement. I think that's teh most I can get out of my current parts, need to get some upgrades...........
  8. G1bby

    Another update...

    How did you knock +1s off your personal best, did you have some upgrades? I'm braking in the same places as you (for shorter times too) and taking the same lines, I obviously don't have the the perfromance in the car to get near those kinds of times.
  9. G1bby

    Another update...

    I'm still seeing the oppostion have incredible pace from nowhere, in qualifying at Singapore I was 0.4s behind before the first corner, which isn't very far from the start line. They flew past me like I wa standing still. I lost about 300pts after the update, losing duel after duel to people with lower car ratings than me, I'd do a personal best and they'd beat me by +2.0s. In one event I had a grid start at Monaco, the oppostion car moved forawrd before the countdown had finished, smashed the car in front into the air, it landed on may car and I DNF'd before the race had even started. It's really hard to win points on this game but so easy to lose them (even ignoring the amount of times the game crashes when loading a duel and when you restart you've lost more points). Agree on some of the race times in Bahrain, those times are unrealistic. My personal best is a 1:23 and I'm miles from the front-runners.
  10. G1bby


    The sprint races or grid starts are basically unplayable, if it's not your 'human' opponent taking you out at the first corner it's the AI cars being unpredictable. I was in a sprint race in Baku with a +3sec lead, arrive at a 90deg corner and there's about four AI cars stuck there, I can't brake in time and end up DNF'ing. Played Spa and while going through Eau Rouge there's an AI car facing the wrong way after I go over the hill, absolutely no way of seeing them and again I DNF. Even qualifying duels can be frustrating, I raced someone at Silverstone and their car was going off at every corner but returning to the track without losing any time or speed. If I go even slightly off track I lose two or three seconds. I enjoy a lot of the racing but you basically have to push your way through the AI cars or take your opponent out before he does it to you.