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  1. G1bby

    Grid start "false start" bug

    When this happens you know your opponent is a BOT.
  2. G1bby

    Cheating at Monza

    Yes the punishment is all race types but it's an engine penalty so if you cut the chicane you can stil lcome out in front of your opponent and just block hem while you have the penalty.
  3. G1bby

    Cheating at Monza

    But the Monaco penalty only works in qualifying mode. If someone cuts the chicane in sprint or grid mode they can get in front of you and just block.
  4. G1bby

    Cheating at Monza

    Just lost a duel to a guy who completely cut the chicane in Spa too. If they don't get you at the start they get you at the end.
  5. G1bby

    Who wins in a draw?

    Remember the times you see after a race are to two decimal points but the times are actually to three decimal places (look at your track records). So if you saw the times to three decimal places they'd be a clear winner.
  6. G1bby

    Bad drivers

    Codemasters have changed the code so that anyone ramming head on cannot DNF someone else. Personally I don't see why they don't automatically disqualify anyone who has the 'wrong way' warning on their screen for more than 5s.
  7. G1bby

    Minimum time for Hungary

    If the target time constantly moved you wouldn't be able to earn more points by improving your times.
  8. G1bby

    Minimum time for Hungary

    The bar doesn't move, you get more points the faster you drive under a set time (which we don't know).
  9. G1bby

    Sprint race bad start guaranteed at P2

    Spot on, sprint races are by far the worst of the three race types because you start side by side at a fast pace. 9 times out of 10 as soon as the 'go' appears on screen my opponent swerves to the side and wipes me out. The problem is this becomes a self-defence mechanism for a lot of players as they've probably had it happen to them so many times and Codemasters have done nothing to stop it.
  10. G1bby

    Sprint race bad start guaranteed at P2

    Yes it does but after losing a load of duels because the manual acceleration wasn't working I had to switch to automatic. It doesn't affect my lap times as I never took my finger of the accelerater anyway.
  11. G1bby

    New update - here we go again

    The problem won't be fixed over a weekend. Wait until tomorrow and maybe it me be will be.
  12. G1bby

    New update - here we go again

    Codemasters have said Austria and Hanoi won't have DRS while they fix some issues. The main problem in Austria is that you can't validate a qualifying time below 1m and a race time below 3:15.
  13. G1bby

    Sprint race bad start guaranteed at P2

    I had the same problem and had to switch to automatic acceleration.
  14. G1bby

    Sprint race bad start guaranteed at P2

    Are you using manual acceleration?
  15. G1bby

    "Video playback" button at lower left corner

    Yeah they're saying you've got to race another 3 duels or wait 1hr 10m before you get another 2CR video to watch.