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  1. The game used to be fun and I had some great battles with some top, top players in the events but they all slowly started to disappear. The lack of any developement to the game made it become so boring that i was just going through motions. Then, in the legendary event, I did a qualify lap in something like 1:29.4, 0.5s faster than my previous best which was amazing. I then opened up Race 1 and the thought of having to keep trying to reapeat three perfect laps just depressed me. The events had become so boring and monotonous. I'm now playing F1 2021 on the Xbox and it is so much mo
  2. Because I gave the game up through boredom!!
  3. Surely the ghost system would prevent them ramming you.
  4. This happens quite often but it's not to get a tow down the main straight, the game isn't that advanced. It's simply because the AI are programmed to follow the racing line so they get into formation early on and stay like that for the race (except for when I try to overtake them then they suddently swerve into and push me off the track).
  5. There are lots of poeple who have started using the RUL abbreviation in their name who have no connection to Denis. I've met a number of them who I've never seen on his streams and who then start to ram you. The ones who are genuine RUL racers are all clean and respectful.
  6. I must admit once the current event is finished I'm considering uninstalling the game. The last few days of duelling have been so depressing, getting smashed all over the track not just by my opponent but the AI. If they don't smash you in sprint or grid starts they use short-cuts in qualifying duels like Monza, Abu Dhabi, Spa etc. The game is basically riddled with mistakes that favour cheaters, right down to me getting an engine penalty when someone rams me from behind or getting a corner cut penalty when pushed off. They've set the game up to reward the cheaters, the AI are impossible
  7. They should give us the choice of what type of duel we want to race, press 'play duel' and then have the option of qualifying, grid or sprint.
  8. Codemasters have changed the code so that anyone ramming head on cannot DNF someone else. Personally I don't see why they don't automatically disqualify anyone who has the 'wrong way' warning on their screen for more than 5s.
  9. He took me out in the first corner in Texas, I caught up with him in the last few corners and he weaved at the finish line, w@@@er.
  10. F1 Games from Codemasters Hi everyone, this player has been reported many times and we wanted to let you know that we are taking action against them. Thank you for raising it, and for reporting this kind of behaviour after duels.
  11. He's been doing to everyone, loads of videos of him doing it online. He smashed me off the track in Bahrain yesterday.
  12. The game should be able to recognise the difference between major contact and a knock. First major contact you lose 25% of your performance, second one 50% performance etc etc until you DNF.
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