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  1. G1bby

    Update 15 - track updates?

    You don't even have to go wide, you basically touch a kerb in sector 3 and you get a looooong 'corner cut' penalty. It's silly and doesn't reflect F1 at all, as usal Codemasters are creating problems that weren't an issue to begin with. In Suzuka or France if you run wide onto the grass/run off area you spin out or go to 30mph in a split second, if they want to stop people going of track why can't they do the same thing instead of the lazy corner cut penalty which lasts until the finish line? At least spinning is somewhat realistic. When was the last time a F1 driver got an engine cut penalty for going wide?
  2. G1bby

    Update 15 - track updates?

    Try and race in Austin, touch the kerbs in S2 and S3 and you get a corner cut penalty
  3. G1bby

    0 PI challange

    You need to be aggressive and block the AI cars from overtaking. Once you're through the first corner you won't see them again but weave and move around to block them.
  4. G1bby

    0 PI challange

    No, which position do you start the race in the 0PI?
  5. G1bby

    0 PI challange

    Where are you qualifying?
  6. G1bby

    Bizarre Grid Starts

    When this happens you're playing aganst a BOT.
  7. G1bby

    Russia 0 PI

    It's not because you still get the +6.5s if you start at the front. Here is the official explanation; Update 14 - GP Events - Extra seconds added to Race End Series times When playing the Race End Series, the race timer starts counting as soon as the 3, 2, 1 countdown is over. However, it's only when you cross the starting line that the timer's animation appears on the top left corner of your screen. Therefore, the time which first appears on the top left timer corresponds to the time spent between the moment the 3, 2, 1 countdown was over and the moment you crossed the starting line and entered sector 1, whereas the top right timers correspond to the sector times and the first sector time starts only when you cross the starting line. Since these timers don't start at the same time, there is a difference between the two times. This is something that affects all the players, therefore, no player is at a disadvantage.
  8. G1bby

    Russia 0 PI

    Russia, ike many race 2's in the events, has a but where it adds 6.5s to the race time. It's the same for everyone so no-one gets an advantage.
  9. G1bby

    Well this looks promising!

    It's a bit hit and miss....
  10. G1bby

    Well this looks promising!

    It's a bit hit and miss.... ūü§£
  11. G1bby

    New update

    As long as you don't validate an overall time thta is lower than what you did before you'll be alright.
  12. G1bby

    New update

    The 0PI is no longer 0PI sive the update, poeple have nearly 190,000pts now!!
  13. G1bby

    Japan 0 pi

    I've tried to start this at the correct time but if it doesn't go to 3:15
  14. G1bby

    Japan 0 pi

    Seen people doing 1:34's but it seems other people have found a way to cheat already. Glad I noticed it before I spent any time or money on this event.
  15. G1bby

    Newbie Questions

    Even low assists will make you +1s a lap slower. Practice with one or two bars and when you're comfortable turn them off.