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  1. G1bby

    Sprint race bad start guaranteed at P2

    Are you using manual acceleration?
  2. G1bby

    "Video playback" button at lower left corner

    Yeah they're saying you've got to race another 3 duels or wait 1hr 10m before you get another 2CR video to watch.
  3. G1bby

    "Video playback" button at lower left corner

    How long you have to wait until you get a 2CR video to watch.
  4. G1bby

    Higher than 9999 possible!

    Probably done by who is higher in teh table (most duels played).
  5. G1bby

    Bad drivers

    He took me out in the first corner in Texas, I caught up with him in the last few corners and he weaved at the finish line, w@@@er.
  6. G1bby


    When I did this circuit for the 90th anniversary event, I hardly touched the brakes in sector 2 or 3. 10000000_610234859618449_1774797312416482785_n_(1).mp4
  7. G1bby

    Bad drivers

    F1 Games from Codemasters Hi everyone, this player has been reported many times and we wanted to let you know that we are taking action against them. Thank you for raising it, and for reporting this kind of behaviour after duels.
  8. G1bby

    Bad drivers

    He's been doing to everyone, loads of videos of him doing it online. He smashed me off the track in Bahrain yesterday.
  9. G1bby

    Grid starts a joke!

    Since the update you should be able to clear the AI cars in grid starts before the first corner in most races.
  10. G1bby

    Custum car v/s Official car.

    I got the Red Bull last year and the handling was definitely better than the custom car but I've not compared them since the update. The official team event is pretty cool and on some good circuits.
  11. G1bby

    Custum car v/s Official car.

    Before the last update the McLaren was clearly the faster car, I've got the Red Bull and it handles better than the custom car. Since the update I'm not asure which is better or whether there are any differences. The best thing about having an official car is that you can you enter some other events.
  12. G1bby


    I used a high downforce set up with more brakes and more power and did ok in Monaco. I then tried my normal lightweight set up that I use at most tracks and did a 1:02.
  13. G1bby

    Elite points revision

    I know it happens every month so I expected it, you also get lots of performance parts as a 'prize'.
  14. G1bby

    Elite points revision

    On the first Monday of every month you lose a percentage of your points, I was on 9999 points and went down to 4250.
  15. G1bby

    "Epic" Level 5 parts bug or something new?

    There's currently no level 6, whether they cahnge that we'll see. I guess they have to put some kind of limit in place to make the game competitive.
  16. G1bby

    "Epic" Level 5 parts bug or something new?

    It has reached it's maximum level.
  17. G1bby

    Bad drivers

    The game should be able to recognise the difference between major contact and a knock. First major contact you lose 25% of your performance, second one 50% performance etc etc until you DNF.
  18. G1bby

    Match on PI not Trophies!

    How can you match on PI when you should have three different set-ups.
  19. G1bby

    Why do I bother?

    Three races so far today, first one in Mexico and my car hesitates on the throttle at the start and my opponent zooms past at full speed, I'm 0.6s behind before the first corner and lose the racw by 0.5s. Race two in Aby Dhabi and my brakes suddenly decide not to work ast the end of the long striaght. Race three is a grid start in Abu Dhabi and when I make it round the first corner there's a Mercedes facing the wrong direction right on my line which I can't avoid and DNF. All a bit rubbish for a 'racing' game.
  20. G1bby

    AI cars!!!!

    I've had enough of them, I've just lost two grid starts in a row after being taken out in the last sector by the AI cars when I'm comfortably leading. I'm going to stop all sprint and grid starts and just stick to qualifying, the only way you can race without outside influences.
  21. G1bby

    Hockenheim, Austria, Shanghai, and Bahrain

    Changing to pro settings will have the biggest affect on your perfromance, probably +1s a lap. But remember there will be an update next week and the assists will change again.
  22. G1bby

    Hockenheim, Austria, Shanghai, and Bahrain

    It makes a huge difference what your settings are, pro settings are hugely faster than intermediate. But I race pro settings and I've found balanced is much faster for me. I've set quicker lap times over full aero.
  23. G1bby

    Hockenheim, Austria, Shanghai, and Bahrain

    I disagree regarding the aero. I've recently been using a more balanced set-up, aero is only about 630ish (my max aero set-up is 974). It gives me much more stability and better turning in the corners and I'm winning plenty of races with it and going faster than my full aero set-up at a lot of tracks.
  24. G1bby

    Why do I bother?

    How hard is it for codemasters to recognise when one player is braking to go round a corner and another is hitting them full speed.