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  1. Im having trouble with logging into clubs, I created my codemasters account with Google but when i follow a link to a Racenet Club and the site asks me to sign in, I select the sign in with Google option because thats how I created my account but it comes up with a message saying that sign in with Google is temporarily disabled, is this a problem with the site or with my computer?
  2. I alternate depending on the car, im just finding the gates are too long and it doesnt engage proprerly because i feel like i should be letting the clutch out earlier
  3. Ive had an H pattern shifter for a few weeks now (TH8A) and im struggling to get in gear doing rapid downshifts ie, one, square, hairpin, acute. I s there a way i can make my downshifting fast but consistent with the shifter or should i order the ricmotech mod? ( I am heel and toe downshifting, im still not as confident as id like to be)
  4. @RookieOne Like @PJTierney said they did fast track development so I believe they will change it before full release
  5. hey @PJTierney, My preorder got messed up ages ago so i didnt get any dlc, if i purchase the seasons post release of the flat out pack will i still get the flat out pack free?
  6. Having a blast in Petter Solberg's Volkswagen on my Xbox One
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