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  1. Is there any way to change the “Box This Lap” voice command? I literally had to repeat my command 33 times on a single lap (Monaco qualifying - My Team season 2 fwiw) - enunciating each word (I’m an English-speaking Canadian from Ontario) and the majority of the time Jeff would respond with the fastest lap time, or he would tell me; “We didn’t catch that,” One time he gave me the weather report???? Can it be somehow changed to just “Box, Box, Box”?!? This has been happening to me, consistently, since I started the F1 series with F1 2016. I realise I can just manually select it, but that really defeats the purpose of having voice commands - and sometimes I can’t manually select it while driving (on a pad). On a side note; for anyone wondering why I tried 30+ times, well, after the 5th attempt, it became a battle of wills with my idiot engineer lol. I ended up pitting before I could get Jeff to understand me.
  2. BullittGaming

    “My Team” Number Font & Colour(s)

    I would love to have the ability to edit my “My Team’s” number font and its colour. I like using the Cosmos car livery and the number practically disappears (like Ferrari’s pace this year - I promise, my only poke at the Red Car), please? I don’t like being limited to light colour liveries when designing my Teams look. Thanks for listening 😁 Attached; My car at Singapore during the day