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  1. Hello we tested it yesterday with the new save function "OFF" and it worked. No error message came after the race and we were at the next race. We have not yet tested if the error with the save function "ON" is also gone. Maybe someone else can give feedback on this :) Thank you for the quick new patch :)
  2. First, we switched off the new save function(Picture 1 and 2) After that, we were no longer stuck in Q1 and we were back in training (Picture 3) Then we went straight to the qualification session and ended it so that we could start the race (you could drive all 3 sessions in qualification if you wanted (Picture 4 ) we then drove 2 laps and then ended ( Picture 5) After the race, the award ceremony and the results, the following mistake came (Picture 6) And After that we were back at training for Bahrain (Picture 7)
  3. Hello, I would like to add something, we have now switched off the new save function and we were able to go back to training, qualifying and racing. However, after the race there was another error "result cannot be sent", so we were back in training and could start again. I cannot say whether this was a one-time mistake because we have not driven again so far.
  4. here is the photo of the bug. The first time we set a time and then ended. The second time we waited until the end of the session and here in the photo we immediately ended the session. The same error always occurred with all 3 variants. You can't click next, it is always waiting for players
  5. Hello, we have the same problem. we only drive in the league for two, but after Q1 we can't go on. There you can only click on race management, above it is written in gray all the time waiting for players. I can send a photo of the bug tonight.