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  1. Had my very first runs in Scotland today so decided to use the Mk2 Escort at night in the rain...... with NO pacenotes! To get that 70s RAC rally feel. Needless to say it was scary😅 so much fun though.
  2. Would it be possible to add the Evo VI to 2000cc as well as group A and have the S4 in both too so people can choose to use them in either and specify what's available in leagues if for example they wanted to make an early 2000s league with the S4, S7, Evo VI, 206, and Focus 01. Just tell people what they can and can't use. Maybe don't even add them for AI just for the players to save work. This way no leaderboards need to be adjusted or have times removed. Probably some really good reasons why this can't be done just an idea 😅
  3. Ended up DNFing in Greece...... good ss1 but hit that rock after the crest in ss2....... chasing issues from there on until a suspension failure in ss6 due to no time to repair in service. Disappointing all round.
  4. I find that it helps. Go into time trial and set a time with your launch at 60% to 70% ish. Then race your ghost without revving at the start. When I've done this my ghost always gets away a little at the start.
  5. Hi guys long time player but never joined the forums or leagues ..... just joined today. Be sure to wave hello as you go past me buried in the trees 😁
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