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  1. firmpimphand

    Weekly Events score broken

    Sure. PS4, Game version 1.20. This was multiplayer (weekly event). All AI, as it was an "event" and not a weekly race. I had no error message. I finished the weekly event earlier in the week and scored around 320,000. When I completed the event later in the week, I finished and got a zero on every count of scores (flashback bonus, difficulty, etc). As I thought it was a one time thing, I tried again but ended up with the same results. I tried a couple more times with lower difficulty just to be sure that I was passing the event, and sure enough; 0 points all over. Now that the events over I can see I haven't been registered as participating. There was no bonus or trophy which hints at the score fully being wiped and then not registered. Is there a way to check my account to ensure this doesn't happen again? Weekly_event_fail.mp4
  2. Hi. I finished the weekly event earlier this week and tried again today to up the score. Now every time I finish the event, the score resets to zero. I have doublechecked, and every time I've passed Vettel (5th) which is the objective. WIll there be a / is there a fix? Bummer to miss out due to this reason. I've tried to be consistent, but this isn't very motivating for the game. Any ideas? Any others see this happening? Sean