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  1. Does anyone have the default hardware_setttings_config file? I would like to reset the games graphics parameters cause it's broken. If not that then does anyone know how to disable stereoscopic rendering?

  2. My question is how do I disable Stereoscopic Rendering on Dirt Rally. I don't need VR for the game to render 2 screens.

    Here's a screenshot. I can't hover over the option, I can either go to quality or benchmarks. I have tried the settings files but says "false" in all of those but ingame clearly it's not false. This does not happen on my desktop nor any other PC that I have tried this game on. Only my laptop. This gives me very low fps for the GPU I have and seen other benchmarks online and I can see ingame a rendering glitch which has to be related to this render setting.



    Does anyone know a fix to this?