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  1. Mrocz

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    To be honest i am ok with current carlist. It doesn't need any more. Just more tracks and gamemodes. This is most important thing in my opinion.
  2. Mrocz

    Welcome to the new GRID

    I would love to see more to be honest. I like physics and core gameplay of it. It only needs more content.
  3. This... should be patched to this game not another money grab...
  4. This worries me the most. Because this has great core gameplay and big potential. It just begs for more attention from Codies.
  5. Mrocz

    GRID 2019 - When is Split Screen Coming?

    First Grid didn't have it Grid 2 i don't remeber GRID Autosport had it It was said that GRID 2019 will get split screen in free patch. I just wonder when or if it is still actual.
  6. Mrocz

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    What about Damage system? Can we have some kind of hardcore mode? I noticed that i rarely damage any component of the car during races even after serious bangs and crashes. This is huge downgrade since older grids... I remember in first GRID that jumping with car on San Frasisco damaged your suspension, and now I can do flatout without any effect on it, and yes i have damage turned on on full with terminal damage on. I understand that it was done to make game more casual friendly but another stem in Damage (Hardcore or something) i would welcome very much.
  7. To be honest i think GRID 2019 looks better. Lighting is much much better.
  8. Mrocz

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    I always wonder why Codemasters did not make one in GRID games. I know this is more arcade action game but a simple form of pitstop with automated tire changes and simple repairs would be really awesome and add drama to racing. It would be great to see this with return of Endurance mode (with tire degradation). But unfortunately this is probably too much to make as a GRID 2019 patch. But in another entry? It would be awesome.
  9. I loved Drift mode in first GRID, but after that in Grid 2 and Autosport i really disliked it. If it would come back in state like in first GRID then massive yes, if in a version from GRID 2 or Autosport than i would preffer other things. Togue though... i would love it with bringing back other sprint tracks like california or cote'd'azur. Demoliton Derby - they had this track and car in the game already... they just should add option to play this in free play with AI... To be honest this game doesn't need too much new cars. Offcourse they are always very welcome addition but if i have to chose more tracks or cars i would chose tracks.
  10. Yes i would prefer more completely new tracks. But i am trying to be realistic here. New tracks are more expensive to develop than "upgrading" old ones. This game has such small amount of tracks it begs for everything even old returns from past GRID games. And you should consider there are some ultimate classic tracks which should be in this kind of game (like SPA for example). I just want more tracks to have better variety of racing and i really love core gameplay of new GRID. I hope it won't die after season 3 this franchise deserves better. To be honest they already are adding tracks from past GRID's i doubt we will see something NEW as post launch content.
  11. Is it somewhere confirmed? This is a big let down. I really hoped that we will get much more tracks even reuses of the old GRID tracks...
  12. Mrocz

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    I must say i really love this game. I like both AI and driving physics on T300. Game is a lot of fun. Only thing that is really lacking is Locations. I mean. I know they are being added each season but to be honest One track per Season is not enough especially when I see that the game isn't very popular and I'm afraid that content drops will end after Season 3. I would love to see more comebacks from GRID Autosport this game will really shine with more content Other thing i would love to see is more game modes like Togue or Drifting or even this silly but fun overtaking challenges from GRID 2 or Knockout races. It would be also nice to see option of setting Race Director "sensitivity" to make those special moments more often.