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  1. Hello It would be cool if you could adjust the up-shift lights like every Formula 1 driver does to suit his style. At RedBull the red and purple lights are in packages of 5 lights, it's hard to explain but this is how you see it https://youtu.be/mmHGYcQOvLs?list=PLfoNZDHitwjUXpijnO-YhMDuf5_HCmYS8&t=135 At Renault or Palmer it is solved differently https://youtu.be/mmHGYcQOvLs?list=PLfoNZDHitwjUXpijnO-YhMDuf5_HCmYS8&t=184 Let's have the option to customize it according to our needs, maybe in the box with a 5 minute wait or, if pre-season tests are implemented, in the pre-season tests. Wouldn't be the big effort to implement it into the game either And you could have it as a feature in F1 2020
  2. Hello I am playing F1 2019 and i think that i have pretty good features that could be implemented into the F1 Games (not just F1 2020, for this there are to many features) Codemasters should concentrate on the features that they think would go best in the next F1 games. What must be in future F1 games for me: - AI improvement, they should not push you and drive into you when you are into the inside of the corner and sideways + that the AI doesn't push you out of the corner like Kevin Magnussen. (Spain curve 4, you are with both wheels on the track and right next to the AI, it just pushes you out) - Laser scanned circuits (a must) - Pre Season Testing All test days with the same time as in real life. If you fly into the gravel (you should be able to get stuck if it rained before, also the curbs should stay wet) or build an accident (realistic damage model) you can run back into the box and move around freely until the car is transported by a truck, then the cutscene ends) In testing different programs with data grids, FloWiz, constant speed, qualifying mode, long run and race simulation, this affects (the more you drive, more laps) with 5-10% on the carperformance for the season (you can also try different parts that the team has tested in the wind tunnel) - More cutscenes during the season (even after 2 seasons) - Carperformance only visible after 4-5 races (like in real life) when you have reached different rankings in races and qualifyings, furthermore it should be an evaluation of the team, not of the game (which can also be wrong sometimes, so more surprises in a weekend where you are fighting for Top 7 instead of Top 10) - More realistic weather physics You start on the softs, switch to the intermediates in lap 4, then he gets stronger, but after that it should get dry, so you should be able to stay out (the AI too) without losing time against the AI - Cutscenes after red flag (implement red flag) with other drivers (Brazil 2016 in the pits) Exchange with pit crew and so on - Manual pit entrance and exit - In training and qualifying you should be able to choose if you want a fast stop or a slow stop. A fast stop is a stop in front of the garage and it only works if there is enough fuel for at least one lap - New pit crew animation with new characters The animation has been in the game since F1 2016, just like the commentator animations in the starting grid. Commentators have to be smarter, and for the Germans PLEASE Christian Danner as an expert, it makes you feel more comfortable to listen to a pre-report that is available in real with both commentators too You have already won three races, the commentators are still talking about the podium at the last race (although you won) - Real TV Huds Selectable between Halo Hud and Codemasters Hud On the left you can manually select the distances between all drivers and from 1-20 For example, you only want 8 or 12 to be displayed Real time box in qualifying And everything can be placed wherever you want - Make highlights also available with session saves (cut with black cut or fade to each other) - Social media (after a good race e.g. what a good race from PlayerOne...) This would give the game a little more of the media pressure that exists in real life and affect the reputation of the team - Real team bosses and cutscenes with them (congratulations on a good race, on the good development of the car, on a good season and cooperation with the team mate on the track (team orders should be implemented) - Press conferences from the FIA (rule changes), F1 and from all individual teams - gestures at the podium ceremony (shake your head if you could have won the race) and commentators who will mention this in the results list afterwards - Wrong strategies from the teams (Ferrari) that the commentators are addressing - Full F2 season with cutscenes with real drivers (e.g. Mick Schumacher and not Devon Butler) If you become champion you can already switch to Ferrari, if you get 3rd only maximum to Haas - Race analyses together with the team (Cutscene) - Setups with teams like in MotoGP (The engineer asks you if they are understeering and what you can do about it and what he suggests) - Drivers might get older and not perform at full capacity due to their age, then there are more driver changes after 4 seasons, also a Lewis Hamilton who announces his career end at a press conference - Test drivers can come into F1 cockpits and this also during the season with bad performances of regular drivers, so there should be more fluctuations of the AI (sometimes good and sometimes bad) - The AIs should make mistakes, like spinning, building accidents (also with other AI drivers) sliding into the gravel and so on - You should get more engine failures, which can also occur under 70% wear if you have invested little in the reliability (Transmission, engine...) - Realistic damage model (mentioned above) Rear wing, bargeboards, complete front wing, wheel suspension like Jenson Button's last race in 2016 in Abu Dhabi (drove over a curb then the tie rod broke) And the engine cover can fly off if you have often driven over the gravel at high speed (also the floor should be damaged by this and by driving too often over curbs, Lando Norris also said that) Slow puncture that can be pulled with the driver over laps (AI Driver also) - Realistic DNF (crane comes onto the track... short cutscene while getting in and out of the car (like at the Young Drivers Test in F1 2013) - young drivers test If you come from F2 and have not got a cockpit yet, but there are still cockpits available in F1, you have to drive for different teams (longruns and qualifying) to convince the teams from your pace - Helmet adjustments for team changes of AI drivers Helmet is presented at a press conference of a team (e.g. Ferrari) - During the loading screen in career mode you can browse through the social media news But you can also do this on the computer in your motorhome - Kick and ban people in the loading screen in the multiplayer Some people end their game in the loading screen in multiplayer and thus the session no longer loads - Netcoding improvements in Multiplayer Codemasters knows this and with F1 2019 they have also made a step forward - Option to deny people access to a lobby because of bad internet connection (1 bar, 2,3,4...) - Better cameras Better replay cameras with more cameras and more suitable cameras Sometimes during a fight between three cars the camera pans to the wheel camera (in this case you should detach the wheel camera from the TV camera and the TV camera always remains a TV camera and the game does not pan to other cameras) Option to save multiple camera settings per car Helmet visor camera in the cockpit view Implement camera mod from F1 2019 - Circuit editor To edit existing circuits or to create new ones With banking, forest around, motorhomes, pit area You should be able to drive these in Grand Prix and Multiplayer I think there's not much else I can think of. I'll say it again Codemasters, you don't have to put everything into one game, this is just a list for more F1 games where you can pick your ideas out. Thanks.
  3. Hello. I can"t join leagues since the release of F1 2019. I thought someone else has this problem, and so yes: This is the exact bug I have with the league system. I can join a league but I can"t go to open league events. A short description of the problem: Can"t join league events even they are open Platform you’re on: PC Game Version (Shown on the Start screen in the bottom left hand corner): 1.20 Game Mode, including if it was Single Player or Multiplayer (Time Trial, Career, Grand Prix, Custom Game etc): Leagues If in Multiplayer, how many players and how many AI?: What happened in the lead up to the problem?: I joined a league, the event says that it"s open but I think this is a bug aswell, it says that its open all the time If you get an error message, the exact wording of the error message you're receiving: Error: Failed to join the session