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  1. LabonteFan

    My Team Season 1 Driver Moves Results (Not Good)

    Option #2 should really be implemented into the game if possible imo. I've said before that it should be off, reduced, normal, and increased as the options for chances of driver transfers, it'd probably make things better for a lot of people.
  2. Yes I know, I made sure to have driver transfers set to "on", I just find it weird how I haven't had a driver transfer ever since this option was added. Maybe I just got unlucky at the end of Season 3. Thanks for the answer!
  3. I hope this is the right place for this (I'm new here so I might be wrong) Is there any chance to have an option for frequency of driver transfers? Ever since the update that changed them (1.15 I believe), I haven't had a single one (I was halfway through Season 2, I'm almost done with Season 4 now). I personally liked having some more chaotic ones, but I get other people don't like that, so I wish there was an option. So I was just wondering if there's any possibility of an option being added?