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  1. So i found the issue! It seems if you have too many active championship clubs the clubs will not show up in game. The limit is 36. If you have 37 clubs nothing will show up in the game, 36 will still show all your clubs. So there is a limit for the active championship club amount, passive clubs seem to be not limited. Hope this helps anyone!
  2. Yep, i feel like that's correct since it's steam and has been working before, it just started. Also if i retrace my steps and think about this logically i feel like it's a problem with the quantity of clubs and how the system handles it. Might have been that i had over 40 clubs active with championship and that somehow screwed it up, since the clubs page in the game shows only 40 clubs in total, overall i have 51. This morning the clubs were back and i checked that i had 31 active clubs. I will try later on tonight to replicate having over 40 active clubs to see if this happens. If it does, i think we've found the culprit.
  3. Hi! I know i'm not the only one that has this problem so i'd thought i'd seek help here. There's a problem where your clubs will not appear in the game, as if you've not join a club at all. When looking at the dritrally2.com website, logged in, it shows you the clubs there. Does codemasters know of this problem and is there a fix? Has anyone found a fix that would work for them besides waiting until they finally come back, which could take days/weeks? This is the look what i get when in game: And on the website, the clubs are there: