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  1. It would be nice to have an extra stage in each country but in a different area: Germany Panzerplatte (DR2) Vineyards (New) Monte Carlo Col de Turini (DR2) 1 new tarmac stage in lower areas Argentina El Condor (DR2) 1 new stage in lower areas with 4 water splashes (I don't remember the stage name IRL) Spain: La Figuera (DR2) 1 new stage with mixed surface or a narrow tarmac stage
  2. I totally agree! I play on keyboard and the handling is just brilliant! Other simulators are unplayable without a wheel.
  3. Don't get me wrong, i love the DR2 stages, but with the extra power from next-gen consoles they could be even better. Maybe denser vegetation or more variation on road textures. (I would like to explain further, but my English is limited 😓) Some comparisons from game stages vs real life ones:
  4. I agree, rally stages should continue to be based on real-life locations, but more detailed than on DR2.0.
  5. If they added this smoke "for performance reasons", why doesn't rainy weather have it? 🤔
  6. I don't speak English so I hope you can understand me: Photorealistic graphics Nobody talks about it, but personally I think graphics are one of the most important things for a game to be immersive. Developers need to understand that DiRT Rally is not an adventure / action franchise, the graphics are good, but very cartoonish. It would be great if DR3 had a more realistic color palette and lighting. Granturismo Sport, DriveClub, FH4 or even RBR are good examples of racing games with realistic graphics.