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  1. More M-Sport's hybrid car footage. At least it still sounds decent.
  2. What about the new DualSense controller? Is it really that good? I'm thinking of buying a console when DiRT Rally 3 comes out, and since I won't buy a wheel, one of the reasons why I consider buying a PS5 over an XBSX is the new controller's haptic feedback. I wonder how well this technology will be implemented in DiRT Rally 3.
  3. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2020-06-01-codemasters-to-create-games-based-on-the-world-rally-championship "Codemasters will release WRC games for console, PC and mobile platforms, including annual titles that will run between 2023 and 2027." It will be an annual franchise, unlike DR, so I guess the license is for a full WRC game. I find "3" aesthetically better than "3.0", but I think they should keep the ".0" to further differentiate the Rally from the main series. If they release the game as DiRT Rally 3, I'm pretty sure there will be people asking "What??? Dirt 3
  4. Liveries for me are almost as important as the cars themselves. I find the Focus 2007 an amazing car, but I barely drive it because I can't enjoy it without at least ONE real livery. I wouldn't complain if we had the most "obvious" and iconic liveries for each car officialy in the game, but as it's not the case, allowing DLC cars to be modded becomes very important.
  5. This is something I find weird in DR2: Forests don't look like forests. I mean it's brighter inside the forests than on the road (which I think should be the opposite). I don't know if it's just lack of enough vegetation or the 2D trees further away from the road edge are not casting shadows properly.
  6. @FlatOverCrest Thank you for clarifying and presenting your point in a polite way. I don't agree with everything, but I respect your opinion. 👍
  7. What bothers me is that it seems like US consumers don't buy anything that doesn't have an American flag on it. I live in Brazil, one of the largest video game markets in the world (even DR2.0 has brazilian localization and a co-driver with brazilian-portuguese accent), I would love a muddy brazilian rally in DR3, but I don't want it, because I understand that there are more famous rallies in other parts of the world that deserve more to be in the game. It seems that Americans don't think that way.
  8. I hate the fanservice made to appeal to US consumers in DR2 (Camaro, Mustang and NE... fake rally cars and fake location), unfortunately now we can expect more of that.
  9. Totally agree, not only the tarmac, but also the gravel stages. I find the Scottish stages fantastic in design, by far the best in the game, but the roads are 20 km of the same boring texture. All the screenshots below were taken from the same stage that is in DR2, and you can see the surface constantly changing. That kind of detail and variation is what would make the stages more interesting in a future game. Also, I think the New Zealand is a missed opportunity, they could have made the stages with two gravel colors: gray AND the color they are now (like in real life, like in
  10. @FlatOverCrest A good example is Assetto Corsa Competizione, it's commonly accepted as one of the most realistic sims nowadays, however, I play it on my laptop keyboard and the handling is so easy/fun/addictive. Call me crazy, but I find it easier than some not so realistic games like FM7, F1 and PC2. So yes, make DR3's physics as realistic as possible, but please keep it playable with a keyboard/controller.
  11. Rally3 cars in DiRT Rally 3.0 = CONFIRMED Also, @F2CMaDMaXX reacted to the post, for some reason he always has inside information. 👀
  12. My dream is a WRC game where you start in a specific era and evolve over the years, with real drivers, real liveries, etc. So if I was driving for Ford in the late 90s, my Escort is automatically upgraded to a Focus when I start the 1999 season. Imagine being on the Peugeot team in the early 2000s driving a competitive 206, then in 2004 the car changes to a 307 with that shi*** gearbox. If you are a Citroën driver in 2019, due to the team's decision to leave the WRC, you may have to get a contract with a WRC2 team for 2020, for example. Maybe I'm being too optimistic, but it would be
  13. Yeah, I agree. Watch the first 15 seconds of this video. Although DR2.0 has better physics, the way the car behaves and the suspension movements look more natural/realistic in DR1. Meanwhile, in DR2.0 the 'center pivot' physics is more noticeable.
  14. I don't like the graphics, too cartoony. Give me washed out colors 😅
  15. +1 Including RX. The time and resources wasted on RX could be used to make an even better rally game. If they really want to include another discipline, I prefer Hillclimb over RX.
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