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  1. Yeah, it would be the ideal class for beginners to practice the dynamics of RWD cars. I wonder if a VW Beetle/Fusca would fit in that class.
  2. I’m guessing they would want to avoid similarities to the current series. Combining DiRT and WRC would be cool, but being it an annual franchise I think they'll go to WRC + Year like their F1 games. WRCTM 2023 THE OFFICIAL VIDEOGAME
  3. Well, a bunch of notifications from the same user downvoting my old comments caught my attention 😄 Not the most realistic of them, yet the car doesn't pivot on a center axis (It's timestamped): Chase cam in DiRT Rally games is pretty good compared to other titles, I don't think it's the cam giving the impression of a center pivot. Personally I feel the cars rotating even more when I use onboard cams.
  4. Oh my god, it was just a "disagree" reaction because I "disagree" with your comment. You don't need to remove all your reactions to my fórum posts 😂 I won't embed videos here so as not to clog up the forum, but DR2.0 and GRID 2019 are games that you can clearly not only feel but also see the cars "steering with the rear axle". Pay attention to the rear wheels, they don't stay in a straight line when they should, making the cars rotate like crabs. Driving titles in which chase camera does not look like it's rotating around a center-pivot? There are a lot, sim and non-sim: F1 2021, PC
  5. 😄 yeah, yeah I was trying to refer to that old discussion about "center pivot" physics etc.
  6. As a whole I still prefer the gravel physics in DR2 because the cars have more weight, but one specific thing I find better in WRC is that I don't feel the cars rotating on their own axis like I do in DR2. This is the main reason why I play all my sim-oriented games on dash/head cam (including WRC10 and RBR NGP6), but DR2 I play on chase cam to better understand what the rear end is doing.
  7. The stage we have in DR is called Ghymno and it's not part of this year's rally: The stage mentioned by @SRD_SimVansevenant is in a different region of Greece: 2:30 hairpin section 6:06 start of one of the stages in DR2
  8. Damn that's a lot of words... sorry but I won't burn my brain cells trying to write a complex reply in English 😄 My point is that 6 locations in the base game are not enough, you'll get bored quickly no matter if they are brand new. I think WRC went on a better route mixing old and new locations, and in my opinion DR2.0 should have done the same. For example, in an upcoming game I would rather have 8 recycled/updated locations and 4 brand new ones than only 6 brand new ones.
  9. But WRC has a fair amount of content at launch, if you don't buy the DLCs you'll still have a lot of content. The main complaint about DR2.0 is that you NEED to buy DLCs to get a full game. The DR2.0 that we all claim to be awesome is the GOTY Edition, because the base game gets boring pretty fast due to the lack of stages.
  10. S1 Evo 2 S1 Evo 2 S1 Evo 2
  11. Judging by that video the livery editor looks great, I would even say you can recreate real liveries in it. Probably DR3 will have a simple one like in D4, which in my opinion is useless. I must admit, while I prefer DR, I recognize that WRC series seems to be evolving faster with each iteration. It seems that WRC devs read this forum and include in their games the features we suggest here 😄
  12. Maybe I'm late on this, but I've been thinking of realistic ways to discourage corner cuts, without resets or time penalties being applied. Resets are perhaps the most annoying and immersion breaker solution possible, and a time penalty system wouldn't work in my opinion because it wouldn't be possible differentiate a driver mistake from a deliberate cut. That being said, I think the ideal solution would be some "soft surface" tech (or whatever you guys call it in English) as we see in games like Spintires/SnowRunner/MudRunner. It doesn't need to be as advanced as in those games, it could
  13. Personally I would love to see Codemasters making an effort to include more real liveries in the next game. For example, I'm glad we already have one of the iconic and best looking liveries on the Peugeot 206, but... If we look at the other most famous liveries on this car we'll see that Codemasters already has all the main sponsors licenced, and the designs are quite simple. If they had wanted to, wouldn't it be relatively easy to include this liveries in the game in terms of license and production time?
  14. I remember PJ saying somewhere else (Discord maybe?) that most games are announced too early, and in his opinion the ideal window between announcement and release is 3 months. I don't know how much influence he has on this matter, but it's something to keep in mind.
  15. "The first game – based on that ’23 season – will be launched before the end of March, 2024." Ooh, everything makes sense now! DR3 will likely be announced later this year and released in February 2022, exactly three years after DR2.0. So Codies will have a two-year gap to develop the first WRC game, which will be released in February/March 2024.
  16. Hmm, interesting... So this explains why Codemasters removed in DR2.0 all the military stuff from the German stages that we had in DR1, to ensure they were different enough from the real Panzerplatte stage.
  17. 🙄 The STAGES in these LOCATIONS are current/old WRC stages. Is it really that hard to admit you're wrong? My comment wasn't meant to offend you, I have no idea why you are apparently upset.
  18. Monte Carlo, Greece, Finland and Spain are "current WRC stages". When DR2.0 was released in 2019, Sweden, Argentina, Germany, Wales and Australia were also "current WRC stages".
  19. All locations in DR2.0 (except New England) are nearly 1:1 recreations of iconic WRC stages. Wales is Hafren/Sweet Lamb, New Zealand is Whaanga Coast, Germany is Panzerplatte, etc. Not even Kylotonn that owns the license model the stages so accurately. So that doesn't seem to be a problem as long as Codies don't use the real stage names.
  20. Could this suggest that we will have the Xsara with this livery in the next Rally game?
  21. Yeah, I agree, more or less. That's why I always mention Driveclub, Forza Horizon series and Gran Turismo Sport as examples of racing games that are graphically realistic. They are pretty colorful and at the same time look a lot like the real world, whereas DR2 is also colorful but a bit cartoony (with some exceptions in certain locations and weather, such as Greece/Overcast). To be honest I have no idea how they achieve that, probably the artists at Codemasters know better than me.
  22. More M-Sport's hybrid car footage. At least it still sounds decent.
  23. What about the new DualSense controller? Is it really that good? I'm thinking of buying a console when DiRT Rally 3 comes out, and since I won't buy a wheel, one of the reasons why I consider buying a PS5 over an XBSX is the new controller's haptic feedback. I wonder how well this technology will be implemented in DiRT Rally 3.
  24. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2020-06-01-codemasters-to-create-games-based-on-the-world-rally-championship "Codemasters will release WRC games for console, PC and mobile platforms, including annual titles that will run between 2023 and 2027." It will be an annual franchise, unlike DR, so I guess the license is for a full WRC game. I find "3" aesthetically better than "3.0", but I think they should keep the ".0" to further differentiate the Rally from the main series. If they release the game as DiRT Rally 3, I'm pretty sure there will be people asking "What??? Dirt 3
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