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  1. Karel7

    Problems after Flat Out Pack

    Try the Collin Mc Rae story mode. I quit at the 2nd stage with the subaru legacy. It is one of the longs scotland stage, the one that has a 90 degrees left 100m after the start. The calls are so late in the fast bits that the codriver calls some turns after you already did them. It's like that all along the firts half of the stage. As the goal to win this step of the story is to finis first, at 90% difficulty, I never managed to drive further than the first half of the stage. I understand experience is a big factor of winning in rally driving. But I dont want to have to learn the stages by heart to be at my best level. That's why I play rally sims and not circuit sims...
  2. Karel7

    Rain again, appologies.

    And the side windows are awful under rain conditions. The water just sticks to the windows and you cannot see anything on the sides.
  3. Thanks a lot ! But as I only have one monitor, I can't use it because I need the DR2.0 window to be active for the game to register inputs...
  4. As I’d like to stream and record my sessions, I’m waiting on this feature too. The oculus store version of the game mirrors correctly a single 2d picture. But the steam version doesn’t. And I use the steam version because Oculus isn’t updating the game with the new content and has a different leaderboard and no access to e-sport. I think that more of us being able to broadcast this game would increase its visibility even further and maybe attract more people to sim-rallying !