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  1. You mean the headlights?? Super 1600 cars don't have headlights
  2. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Darkaan13/ it should be linked correctly (maybe) with my codemaster account. The problem happened yesterday and I only recently linked my account to codemaster
  3. I have the game on steam and I'm from France (South-East of France) . The weird part is that I live with my brother who also has the game and play on the same connection but doesn't have the same issue.
  4. Connection Failed. The lack of a direct hotline-like support is what makes this bug extremely annoying. A support employee with access to the backend servers could fix it with 2 clicks of the mouse yet we can't ask help directly through a hotline/support mail. It may be the most gamebreaking bug in the game, having it fixed or at least knowing that there's a reliable way to get help with it would be more than welcomed.
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