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  1. Bob D. Aegirsson

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.12 Bug Reports

    You mean the headlights?? Super 1600 cars don't have headlights
  2. Bob D. Aegirsson

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.12 Bug Reports

    http://steamcommunity.com/id/Darkaan13/ it should be linked correctly (maybe) with my codemaster account. The problem happened yesterday and I only recently linked my account to codemaster
  3. Bob D. Aegirsson

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.12 Bug Reports

    I have the game on steam and I'm from France (South-East of France) . The weird part is that I live with my brother who also has the game and play on the same connection but doesn't have the same issue.
  4. My biggest issue with Dirt Rally in general is simply that it's always the same roads and that you end up knowing them well. When you know the road you're racing on then it's no longer "real" rallying. What I like about rallying is the uncertainty and long stages where I don't know what to expect entirely. A lot of people would simply say that's just how it is and that a there is no way that the devs can make quality tracks faster than player can learn them and the philosophy that Dirt Rally 2.0 follows with track design is far better than the Dirt 4 system (I completely agree with that). But hear me out for a minute. In June 2009 Codemaster released a game called Fuel developed by Asobo Studio. The game had (and maybe still has) the largest map ever made for a video game with 14 400 km² (or 10 000 square miles for burgers). The map had huge part of the US in it with true 1:1 scale mountains like Mount Rainier and other landmarks like the Grand Canyon. How did they do it? They used satellite imagery and generated surfaces to automatically match with the data given by the satellites. Fuel in itself wasn't an incredible game and honestly it was quite boring since every roads were usually way too flat and the procedural content was extremely repetitive and bland (always the same barns with the same layout) it wasn't uncommon to find weird places where the roads would merge with the terrain. However more than 10 years have passed since the release of Fuel and in those years satellite imagery and procedural generation has been greatly improved, I believe that nowadays such a map could be made with realistic road bumps and enough variation in the road surfaces to come close to Dirt Rally 2.0 roads in term of driving experience. Now imagine : a map with the same scale as Fuel had, realistic roads, the same physics as Dirt Rally 2.0 (with improved tarmac physics), more realistic (more that current hardcore) vehicle damage, the possibility for the community to create their own stages and races by tracing them on the map and unlimited distance, dynamic weather, as well as other features such as being able to carry more tires and change your whole set mid stage and other cool stuff. All this could create the most complete and most insane rally experience with the possibility to have 24h or more long events. The best players would no longer be people knowing every exploits of every tracks like they're playing Trackmania but instead the best players would only be the one with the best driving skills and consistency . Well for now this game is just a dream but this is how I would love for Codies to take the Dirt Rally franchise.
  5. Bob D. Aegirsson

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.12 Bug Reports

    Connection Failed. The lack of a direct hotline-like support is what makes this bug extremely annoying. A support employee with access to the backend servers could fix it with 2 clicks of the mouse yet we can't ask help directly through a hotline/support mail. It may be the most gamebreaking bug in the game, having it fixed or at least knowing that there's a reliable way to get help with it would be more than welcomed.