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  1. minetti

    GRID (2019) Needs to improve car engine sound

    both players and reviewers are rather unanimous, the game is superbly sounded and this is the most unique in terms of the unique identity of each car and the variable sound depending on the view. Driving sounds support immersion well, so I don't know what you're raving about. eot
  2. minetti

    The future of Grid

    friendly and well-mannered debate
  3. minetti

    GRID (2019) Needs to improve car engine sound

    the GRiD is one of the best sounded racing games and one of the few that allows a lot of modifications in the subject of sounds and and driving noises. have you even tried to adjust it to your requirements and your speakers or headphones? also getting used to a different sound in a different game has an impact on the initial reception, it's natural. take your time exactly, it's one of the best car games in the subject of engine sound and driving noises
  4. minetti

    The future of Grid

    ok but criticism should be moderate as you can delve into it so much that it distorts the real picture. therefore, a public forum is not always the best place to build a better things based on criticism. it's easy to get a snowball efect when people had different expectations and emotions are popping up with disappointment
  5. minetti

    Learn the lesson people !!

    exactly, there is no good solution 😉 as for online racing, only the collision-free option could be useful, but then the game will lose its fighting character 😉 in my opinion the penalty system is balanced optimally but the collision-free option in multi could be useful for some group of players 🙂
  6. minetti

    the best AI settings

    I've noticed a lot of people complain about the uneven level of AI. it is always a difficult subsystem in racing games of this type because each car model has different performance. Ai in this game is very pleasantly varied and fighting bravely because there are supposedly several dozen profiles of drivers implemented here. unfortunately, there are several factors that affect the gameplay. 1. starting from the first position is usually a great help, but winning from the next place gives more satisfaction because there is more fight on the track 2. choosing a car significantly changes the chances of winning so if you want to have more fun choose weaker cars sometimes 3. you will quickly find that some race you win easily and the other track it is very difficult to win with the same settings and car. you can control it and choose the right AI level with each race ( you will quickly find it will be also depending on the car you choose). In order to choose the best current AI level for the race with the car already selected, you need to complete a qualifying lap and look at the scoreboard. if your qualifying result, the fastest lap is a maximum of 2 second better than your fastest opponent, do not change the AI level. if you have more than 2 seconds advantage, start thinking about changing the AI level to a higher one. the closer to your fastest lap is to your fastest opponent, the better your AI will be and it will be a lot of fun. after completing the qualifying lap check your fastest lap and if you are too fast for the AI, start the race and after the start, activate the options to change the AI level, and then reset the race start 🙂 hint: when you are for the first time on new track or you haven't ridden it in a long time, do the qualification twice to make sure your timing is optimal. sometimes when you don't know the track, the first run is much worse than the next one. races where you will have the fastest lap equally are most exciting, and when your opponents are doing better fastest lap than you, it's really hard to win such a race because you will mainly defend your position. from what I noticed the fastest lap time between successive AI settings is about 5 s difference to next level. so it is very easy to control the best AI for each race 🙂 this system works and allows you to enjoy the AI implemented in this game, and it is really one of the best AI racing system 🙂 a real gem worth exploring by settings the beauty of this game engine is that you can easy scale each race to your own abilities
  7. minetti

    GRID the most underrated car game

    from what I remember you can play this game via google stadia platform
  8. minetti

    GRiD needs the SPLIT screen, promised

    let's be patient and unforgiving
  9. minetti

    GRID the most underrated car game

    these comparisons are worthless 😉 meanwhile I find myself addicted to the driving model in the latest GRiD, I can't stop 🙊
  10. minetti

    GRID the most underrated car game

    @CordedQuill42 It is exactly as you write. In addition, according to gamestat, the game is still selling and has a good eturning players ratio. It just had a wrong campaign preparing the community for something completely different and the day one edition was heavily cuted but Codies. I still hear opinions that now, after all the seasons, the content looks much better. The decision to abandon this game after less than a year and these unfulfilled promises like a split-screen is a picture of current CM politics - quick sale effect only 😕
  11. minetti

    Share Your Favourite GRID Photos & Videos!

    is one of the many known flaws in this abandoned game. besides, the photographic mode in F1 is more free cam style (you can change the camera position) and the Grid has a limited perspective glued to the car and only several repeatable cams along the track, sad from what I read, they improved it in Dirt 5
  12. minetti

    Grid 2019 - Incorrect Race Results [Xbox]

    I have the same problem. sometimes, after crossing the finish line, it shows a different place than it actually is. sometimes I have the feeling that this is when I crash or go off the track, even though I don't get warnings. Unfortunately, the result table does not show how penalties are added and I do not understand it completely. it doesn't happen often. I have one in a dozen races
  13. I often have a problem when in the results I go to the tab of comparing the results with other users, the grid G logo flashes in the lower right corner. It flashes for about three seconds and the table remains empty. I am currently in the third season and there for 10 races in 8 I have an empty comparison table. I have the impression that the game script has some very short wait interval set for the server response and therefore it often displays an empty table. maybe I'm wrong and the problem is elsewhere. please check this issue. often cannot compare the results with other players because of this problem PS4 Pro
  14. minetti

    Rules and Penalties

    Have you had a race where, crossing the track line there was no message about the penalty, and then after finishing the first, the second or third place was displayed? I'm not sure if it's a bug or just the system is charging penalties despite the lack of a warning. By the way, the stopwatch icon in the scoreboard is the player with the best lap time I guess. Does it give you any bonus points or something? Overall, the display of the results for this game is somewhat lame 😕
  15. minetti

    GRID the most underrated car game

    All we need is season four with new tracks that they, after all, only transplant from Autosport, just like most of the content. Also, they should add the promised split-screen because it's a game changer sell breaker option. Cool if they unlock possibility to run multiclass races because now the choice of cars in free race option is very limited - need "all cars" option in free race. Statistics section is for improvement. It doesn't remember the settings you are looking for. It doesn't visualize car groups or tracks and it's very clunky to use it. People love stats imho @BRICKS44 will you help us claim the split screen?