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  1. both players and reviewers are rather unanimous, the game is superbly sounded and this is the most unique in terms of the unique identity of each car and the variable sound depending on the view. Driving sounds support immersion well, so I don't know what you're raving about. eot
  2. the GRiD is one of the best sounded racing games and one of the few that allows a lot of modifications in the subject of sounds and and driving noises. have you even tried to adjust it to your requirements and your speakers or headphones? also getting used to a different sound in a different game has an impact on the initial reception, it's natural. take your time exactly, it's one of the best car games in the subject of engine sound and driving noises
  3. from what I remember you can play this game via google stadia platform
  4. these comparisons are worthless 😉 meanwhile I find myself addicted to the driving model in the latest GRiD, I can't stop 🙊
  5. @CordedQuill42 It is exactly as you write. In addition, according to gamestat, the game is still selling and has a good eturning players ratio. It just had a wrong campaign preparing the community for something completely different and the day one edition was heavily cuted but Codies. I still hear opinions that now, after all the seasons, the content looks much better. The decision to abandon this game after less than a year and these unfulfilled promises like a split-screen is a picture of current CM politics - quick sale effect only 😕
  6. is one of the many known flaws in this abandoned game. besides, the photographic mode in F1 is more free cam style (you can change the camera position) and the Grid has a limited perspective glued to the car and only several repeatable cams along the track, sad from what I read, they improved it in Dirt 5
  7. All we need is season four with new tracks that they, after all, only transplant from Autosport, just like most of the content. Also, they should add the promised split-screen because it's a game changer sell breaker option. Cool if they unlock possibility to run multiclass races because now the choice of cars in free race option is very limited - need "all cars" option in free race. Statistics section is for improvement. It doesn't remember the settings you are looking for. It doesn't visualize car groups or tracks and it's very clunky to use it. People love stats imho @BR
  8. I think if you visit Bologna Florence Siena Ferrara once, you will stop thinking in stereotypes like wop
  9. one day after at codemasters blog - the proude Codemasters announce the GRiD Monkey Ball DLC, including the touring bananas group racing Tra la la tra la la la Tra la la tra la la la One banana two banana three banana four All bananas make a split so do many more Over hill and highway the banana buggies go Come along to bring you the banana split-screen
  10. Every post? as far as I can count, there are nine my posts in this topic and the ping was only at the first one. I would like to see some Codies feedback here but it seems the crew evacuated first and the passengers were left alone 😉 I really like this game and I bought it a long time ago reading that I will get a split support in later DLC. I have two pads and I have a lot of people around with whom I would like to enjoy the game on my TV. I wonder how @ChrisGrovesMCM imagines his evacuation and just opening a new Dirt 5 section? I don't want to offend him, but I would fee
  11. Yes, the game formula has changed to more simple just drive & go. Perhaps it has to do with designing games for mobile platforms. In my opinion, the marketing of this title should take this into account so there wouldnt be so many disappointments and unnecessary comparisons. Maybe even the title of the game should contain a simplification like GRID&Go or something like that. However, the game is enjoyable and I will miss the next seasons, as they always add some new locations. Note that a year later PCARS3 appears (from another studio) which simply copies the contents of PCAR
  12. I understand, but I remember when the dev said that they weren't trying to make a real simulator like ACC and weren't trying to make something arcade fun like NFS or even Horizon with open world. He mentioned that the inspiration was to capture the motorsport ontrack/street fighting spirit and driving pleasure with a touch of the best from arcade and sim. He explained that this is why they do not implement extensive careers and garages full of options. he talked a lot about that the fight on the track is the gamecore, basically the whole innovation was focused on the driving model and the AI m
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