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  1. Yeaach it's works. I try 3 scenarios in Flat Out pack And no longer crash. Thanks man.
  2. Any news about crashing game on Xbox? Today my game crashed on daily race after i finished And click to contiunes. In fact, my game freeze And crashed every day when i try it. Flat Out pack still doesnt work. Every race after i finished and click to contiunes freeze And crashed. It's good to pay for something that doesn't work. #frustration
  3. Today I try 3 races And 3 times my game crashed. First race was daily Challenge gr rally in scothland. Crash! Second race was daily Challenge in Wales with new Subaru legacy. Crash! Last race was from weekly Challenge in Sweden with new Subaru S4. Crash! Every race was with new contects And game after Finish freeze And crashed. Is anyone working on change? this is already unbearable. They've been playing this game since day one and I've never had such problems. Xbox one S, version all contects.
  4. I noticed that a few people on Facebook DiRT groups reported the same problem when i reported mine problem. So you are not alone. (Only xbox)
  5. My platform: Xbox one S Version: 1.13. owner all seasons and Colin Mcrae DLC I have same problem how neil3646. My game crashed every time i want try any Championships race in my career. Same in RX career. In Flat Out mode my game crashed every time when i finished stage. Only works daily races (one stage). Others mode my game crashed.
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