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  1. If I was in charge I would want to release as good and as complete/polished a product as possible, and therefore push the launch 6 months or so to include everything from the previous installment in the new one from launch. That way my reputation as a developer is increased, the loyalty of the fans is strengthened and in turn I sell more games. I understand that Codemasters are not Polyphony Digital in terms of size and recourses, but there’s a reason Polyphony Digital are where they are and have sold over 80 million copies of Gran Turismo titles, and keep in mind they’re on one platform only. Even though their latest installment was criticized for being incomplete at launch, they’ve sold close to 10 million copies of it alone, because they’ve got the reputation of delivering top quality games, AND all DLC since launch has been free.
  2. Really? What makes no sense to me is releasing a half-finished game at full price and hiding old content behind a paywall. Don't get me wrong, I love the game, but what they did with the cars and locations from the old game was plain ugly in my opinion.
  3. I personally would not want them to change how they make rally stages. I love that they’re based on real life. I would like more of ‘em though, and more rallies of course.
  4. Strittan

    Next DiRT Rally Improvements

    - New game engine with ray tracing support. - More rallies (Safari, San Remo, Portugal, Tour de Corse, etc) - More cars from ‘98 season to compliment McRae’s Impreza which is on it’s way. - More realistic damage. They should keep doing rally locations the same way they’re currently doing it, because I love that they’re actually real stages. Nothing beats that.