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  1. I see it is only for daily/weekly/monthly challenges right? Not for clubs or championships there I’m currently in?
  2. Thanks for this work, bookmarked as soon as I’ve came across this side. however despite I submit my race net name it couldn’t fetched my clubs/results. Maybe because my race net and steam names differ (tried both) or my steam name contains symbols (parentheses).
  3. I think going in the opposite direction will not work that much, number don’t lie 😄 D30A529B-7953-4C54-8375-933CFD5557B9.webp
  4. If it is not sim; don’t count me in. 🤗
  5. If it is not an enhanced career pack or an arcade style game I would be disappointed 😔 very excited and waiting
  6. I see most of the suggestions here can be done with an update (ok a huge update). Afterall wrc official license is unfortunately not in hand hence dirt rally 3 would be more like “dirt rally 2.1”. A little physics update and a career expansion pack would save a year I guess.
  7. Actually one only need server connection for events or upgrading cars; otherwise playing freeplay improving my skills is totally ok for a few hours. But temporary fixes over these problems that codemasters done, instead of hiring new servers; really grinds my gears. Because it is just disrespect for players.
  8. Connection is ****** up again. Please buy another server 🙂
  9. And for those who want to go deeper and like to read here is a link for guide https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2028926468
  10. For half an hour can not connect to server needed to finish events. error: “failed to download challenge” pc/steam/turkey
  11. Here we go again. Pc/steam/Turkey, connection is too unstable and hardly connect, that I hesitate to do events due to possibility of losting my progress.
  12. Here in Turkey it is back to normal, but not faster as others mentioned. Not complaining btw 🙂
  13. Server issues always has been a nightmare for any company especially for a system administrator. Some just say “you suck, will not buy again etc” very easily. there is no other game or application works like a charm for 100% of the time. I am also not happy with the situation but (using this interval to perfect my setups however 🙂 ); when I will be frustrated is if CM will learn no lesson to this and not to try improve the system and game stability even everything is fixed at the end of the day.
  14. @PJTierney maybe ‘for the apologies’ and to wash the stress away, you may supply 1-2M in game credits to everyone 😇
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