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  1. @XenialJ I totally agree with all you’ve said. Basically it’s a NO, they are not willing to invest in upgrading the DR2.0 servers to take a bigger load. Why would they when they have already made a mass amount of money from it.
  2. Surprise surprise, another day in the Dirt Rally 2.0 s*** parade. Here’s what I think to that!
  3. Here we go again, just another day in paradise or is it a bad dream?! Start Dirt Rally, Get halfway through weekly/monthly challenge, server breaks down, get DNF. Repeeeeeeeeeeeeeat, “Itttttttttttts Groundhog Day”
  4. Oh here we go again, it’s after 1pm BST!! All people around the world are getting to free trial the game so those of us who have actually bought the game with hard earned cash have to suffer!! Bork Bork and more effing Bork!!
  5. I bought the Super Deluxe Edition late last year for over £90!!!!! Now I can barely play the game or get my money’s worth 🤬UTTER JOKE!!
  6. Halfway through 10 stage monthly Event at Argentina. All progress now lost. What a joke this is becoming! How many people is this happening to that doesn’t bother saying anything. Big fan of the game which makes it more frustrating. Codemasters seriously do not care about it’s customers, very very sad situation indeed.
  7. FFS Again with the server connection issues. You’d think Codemasters were a Development team who struggles for cash. Just pay to get fixed whatever problem is causing these issues! Pretty simple really
  8. Unbelievable Jeff!! There was some brilliant daily’s available today that I was really looking forward to doing, including some extra daily’s with promo and bonus content. Any news on when this issue will be resolved. Thanks
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