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    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Force Feedback

    After a year or so of waiting after the initial release, I'm curious what is the situation with the FFB at the moment? I refunded the game a year ago because the FFB implementation was terrible despite attempts to tweak it. I really want to play proper sims, not racing arcades. Feeling of playing the original 2.0 release had nothing to do with driving a real car. This was a big shock to me, as I'd expect sim devs to know what a steering wheel of car feel likes, and thereby also know when their sim doesn't reproduce the experience as well as it could. Now reading the previous messages from this thread from last summer and autumn, it appears that at least the main problems had been identified clearly: no road texture and bumpiness on tarmac, no progressive weight on steering in corners, and no accurate feeling of tyre slip at the extreme. Are those problems now fixed, i.e., is the game now actually worth a try, or should I just stick to the first Dirt Rally for rally sim? ps. I've noticed that there's some discussion above about ice being texture free. Yeah, that's true if you actually have fully even clear ice and front tyres that have zero vertical movement when entering the ice patch. But how often do you encounter that on real roads, be they public roads or rally tracks, where other cars have driven/slid over it with aggressive textured (often spiked) tyres, and, except for small puddles, where the road is rarely horizontally fully flat & perfectly isolated from exteral environmental forces to allow perfectly clear ice to develop (except lake roads and tracks; but even there you use some kind of plow to make the track)? Of course it does not feel like gravel or tarmac, but if you're passing several meters of icy road, there's _almost always_ some kind of very fine texture there to be felt unless you're driving an E-series Mercedes wagon that absorbs everything smaller than a cow under your car. I mean, sliding sideways on ice doesn't feel like you're floating in the air. I'd say there's even less feedback during hydroplaning than when sliding on ice (ofc they do not exclude each other in the right conditions). Just as a general comment to the previous discussion, not having tried the game for the last 11 months, but driving now in winter conditions on a daily basis... Edit: to be frank, sometimes black ice can be a real killer, but that shouldn't be confused with visible ice patches such as frozen puddles etc.