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  1. ReggieGimmiX

    PSVR (probable) future for Dirt Rally 2.0

    Well I fancied it as I recently got my VR headset just before xmas. I've tried Dirt on a friends (thats not why I got VR). I wish they had added it to Dirt V2.0 as I would have bought it. I used to really like WRC games but not played them in a long long time. I have WRC7 for my Ps4 Pro and love it, but was looking at Dirt 2.0 for proper VR. So sadly I'll stick with WRC7 with my VR in wide FOV mode. It's not great or proper VR but better than just on TV. I'm really surprised as almost everyone seems to think the first one was great in VR. Would be interesting to see a comparison of their sales for Dirt and Dirt v2.0 console versions. I'm sure they'll add it for the next PSVR headset but I don't think thats going to be until a year or two after the PS5 comes out. When PS5 sales start to slow thats when they'll release the PSVR to help boost console sales too and sell to those already owning a console. They'll probably put out an improved smaller version of the console too. So gonna be stuck with PSVR for a while yet I recon so strange they didn't add VR for Dirt 2.0 on PS4, especially when they've made it available on Vive etc..