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  1. The higher the pressure, the more the grip at high speed, and vice-versa at low speed. Pretty simple. So it was a bug in the past, now, is finally correct.
  2. This is not bug. You are just in the wrong rpm range in order to do the downshift. There is a downshift protection in order to avoid blow ups, is just how it is in these engines and gearbox of this car. Brake more and downshift later and you will never miss a downshift. Is just the way it is.
  3. No, we make sure is always as fair as possible, so, it is scaled.
  4. Restrict no, because if you use it well, it will make a strategy with you using systematically different fuel settings thru a lap. Times are pretty easy to be honest. I pass easily this test at 106% which is what i am feeling comfortable without having to practice too much. What I find more difficult is the Quali lap test. In some tracks is really hard.
  5. is very hard exactly due to AI. we would need a lot more data and work to tune the ai. It is one of my hope that one day I will be able to do it.
  6. hi! there were a few differences last year btw the merc and online car, caused by our tool. I have personally checked everything this year to make sure this was not the case anymore, and I am sure the equal handling is 100% the Mercedes.
  7. Ahhhh. I always pass it doing a proper race stint run, so i always have perfect strategy, i end up always the race with 0.2 or 0.1 extra fuel, that is how accurate it is if you do it correctly.
  8. The patch reduced longitudinal forces, nothing to do with kerb effects.
  9. I like as it is, and if you want real life, then you are welcome to lose 50% downforce every corner when behind someone. There isn't too much to say, it is my gameplay choice here, and someone will like, someone won't.
  10. it will start always at the same grip in Q and race whether or not you do fp. And should not be scaled, examole, end of q3 will have more grip than short q. one shot q has the least grip
  11. We just override wtv setting the ers is using at that moment and deploy 160 bhp from the hybrid system. it is not doing 50bhp for example plus 160.. is doing 50bhp + 110. Enough talking or speculating about this, is just using the full power, that is how it works in the game. The only difference is, the ERS is much more calibrated over a lap and race in real life, but they are full of engineers and weeks of time in simulator per race to do that, I am one person, and do a general balancing, meaning that, of course, you will have much more overtake left per lap and per race, This is where t
  12. All 0, linearity and saturation, means totally linear curve in F1 games.
  13. They do but not as sensitive for the player. almost none. They can't dynamically change tyre pressure in setup, and adjust to driving so much due to temps. Would be too much data for the ai. This scenario sounds like that high if not highest tyre pressure were needed.
  14. at 95% in game you are saturating the FFB, so you will not feel any change in the FFB until is too late. I recommend 100% in wheel app and not more than 70% in game. I typically use around 60% to feel more the car. yes it can be a bit weak perhaps, but the signal goes to 100% at high speed due to amount of downforce. I could make it more linear and just have it more heavy from low to high speed, but, you wouldn't feel the tyres loading up through downforce, and I personally don't like that, so I designed the downforce this way. The only set back is that, at very slow speed, if you have a not s
  15. You can run less toe as possible, less camber as possible and car as soft as possible, all this trying not to lose reactivity and/or stability of the car. But by far, lowering tyre pressure is the most powerful tool you have.
  16. For sure this year, a lot of focus on tyre pressure to keep those tyres in the right temperature working range. I tend to make the car a little bit less snappy, less oversteery, easier to drive. Usually a little bit slower, but more consistent.
  17. just the stopping power decreases a little, on hard brakes. it starts to fade a little from 1000 degrees. you can't manage it too much. I guess you could by braking less hard, but there isn't much you should do atm.
  18. No is not simulated. Temperature a little bit, but not much, is not very sensitive to it. hopefully I can increase that sensitivity to temps in next games.
  19. depends a lot on the mechanical balance you give the car. I tend to have equal wings and a bit more stiff rear mechanically. Some like to go very stiff rear mechanically, but then have to run either low front wing or high rear wing to balance it out.
  20. 4 5 wings i think and very low rake, is what works best for them.
  21. I fell the same. I can jump to rFactor2 after F1 and vice versa without issues. Thanks 🙂
  22. Is hard to avoid it. Is more of a problem following the cars, but is mainly due to the fact that the car have more downforce in general, creating more turbolence and so on. Try to anticipate the corners maybe, knowing that you will go wider by the end of the corner because of less downforce
  23. Guys, ABS, force feedback issues, these could be reporting as bugs, but not in this thread, here is Q&A, I am not discussing issues here, and is not the right place to ask for fixes, thanks.
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