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  1. On a straight has less contact, on a corner the loaded tyre has more contact. Don't know what you actually mean with this. Everygame, iracing, rFactor2, if you want more camber, you need to click on minus, because it will be giving you more camber.. I will say again, look at the number, forget the sign. move the slider towards the bigger number if you want more camber. I don't see what is so confusing about it to be honest 🙂
  2. It has been changed, I do not recall if more or less, but if you feel more, then probably is more.
  3. 1. Racing Line assist is just 100% what the AI will be doing, so, if it is green, they are actually flat out. depends on difficulty settings. Also, they do run slightly different setups, so it can differ a bit. 2. Overtake gives you full 160 bhp from the hybrid system. Is the only mode that gives you full power, from second gear to 8th. At higher speed, it will start to decrease power, but every mode do that, so, in that sense, Overtake is always the most powerful mode. Is a non balanced mode, it really is full power, where as the other modes are balanced per speed and gears. 3. Lean
  4. 1. Yes, we already have brake fade, but for overheating, I would need to implement brake duct settings to be chosen then in a setup. 2. Yes, but is not easy to balance this stuff.
  5. no no, I did not say that. I say it is math, because of being a negative number, the more negative is of course on the left. we work Min on the left, Max on the right. It is a NEGATIVE number, -3.5 is less than -2.5 The numbers is what you have to look at, is pretty simple guys.
  6. wings, typically. unless it is in the wet, then i would use higher rear wing to front
  7. As i reworked the wheels inertias, is less easy so to say to lock up, so you can actually drive with 100% brake pressure no problem. I generally change brake bias when i feel like the balance of the car has changed.
  8. no, in the past, it wasn't doing anything. it was just a "spring" now is: low pressure = more grip at low speed, lower temperature, higher wear. high pressure = more grip at high speed, higher temperature, less wear. yes, is a bit more linear the loss of grip with temperature, less exponential compared to last year.
  9. Yes, preset 4 specially is a very good starting point. drop the ride height around 3 or 4 at the front and 4 or 5 at the rear. Stiffen the rear ARB and springs. Use generally less toe. Those are all good things in order to remove understeer. I like to have a bit stiffer rear in the setup and balanced aero, like 4 4 or 5 5 and so on. (altho it will never be stiffer than the front, I don't recall now, but a 1 11 is more or less same n/m front and rear.)
  10. is even less irl, but you guys are clearly not ready for it yet. will get there with time 😄
  11. It was not. was always a max of 10% over 13000 rpm. Been for months.
  12. Ye and they are on drugs 😄. I can't show you the files, I can't do a side by side for you guys, but, you have to trust me, this handling, at least on PS4 and PC is 100% last beta. Same for FFB. Although, for FFB, we will patch a fix, which will make the pneumati trail effect smoother when loading/unloading the tyres.
  13. is the way our ui works, min is on the left max is on the right, being a negative number, is confusing i know, but that is how it works.
  14. my ingame settings are the default ones.
  15. The aero has been rebalanced, so, you don't need to go so extreme with front wing, they could be much closer front and rear. Say you had a 1 - 6 wing in 2019, you could go 3 - 4 in 2020. Having more downforce, compared to a 2019 setup, you might want to be a bit stiffer or more ride height otherwise the diffuser will stall and the car will lose a lot of downforce.
  16. Is quite harder to remove it on the Formula 2, due to the nature of the engine. The 2020 F2 car, because of the new tyres, I had more time available to spend on those, so, it will have engine braking more in line with the F1 cars.
  17. Very very subtle, is not implemented so much, more of a game design choice than physics inability to do it.
  18. Amh, is possible, we have done some work on the rubbering effect. I would need to check, as it was done ages ago.
  19. Dry's: 85 to 100. Inters: 70 - 85. Wets: 60 - 75. Let's say that a couple of degrees outside this range is still ok, although, not optimal, but more, it starts to exponentially lose grip. Low tyre pressure will help traction, help tyre temps, but will have more wear. High tyre pressure will have less traction, but more responsive and better grip at high speed, better tyre wear, but higher temps.
  20. First question, I don't know. I hope so, would make my life easier 🙂 About the variants, well, we run tests and try to make sure there isn't an advantage running assists, but, at the same time, it is a help, so it has to help
  21. Just like Lando told me about a year ago, full gas, and then release the throttle a bit to make it gain grip. Very tricky car to get a good start
  22. So, I talked about grip from different asphalts. We have 4 asphalts in F1 2020, New Racing track or resurfaced, old racing track (old asphalt), semi permanent racing track and street circuit. This list goes from highest grip to lowest grip. The rubbering in, has always been there, so, no, Jeff never lied 😄 About the track after rain, I need to dig out more, I can't remember right now, I'll come back with an answer.
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