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  1. It would be reasonable if the problem remained in every FP, but it only happened in FP1. In FP2 it went fine...
  2. Exactly! Well, I wish I could won a single race, but that's not my case 🙂 . You've described the same I told you, so I don't feel like a freak... Thanks.
  3. Finally I've tried to make entire FP2 and everything has been fine. Any problem and I've finished 7th. Maybe a bug... Thanks everybody!
  4. Last night I skipped FP1 and tried FP2 for a few minutes and everything was ok. Today I'll try to make entire FP2. Still thinking what was wrong. Yeah, maybe gearbox, but my team should notify me... Thanks for answering.
  5. Hi, thanks for answering. It began to happen at the end of British race. I had to use flashbacks many times just for finish the race. In every flashback the car crashed a little bit far and that's how I could finish. And the video I've posted is what I'm suffering every time I try to start Practice 1. Yesterday I tried a single race in Hockenheim, with Ferrari/Leclerc and everything was fine. Thanks.
  6. Hi everybody, I play F1 2019 on PS4 since January. Since the end of my last race (career mode) and the beginning of the German free practice 1, the car crashes again and again without any reason. I exit boxes and the car crashes by itself 100 meters after. Again and again. I drive a Racing Point car. When I drive any other car in a single race this problem disappear. Any answer? Thanks a lot.
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