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  1. TheDiesel1965

    Time Trial Leaderboard Bug

    There are several leaderboard issues that may or may not be related. I do not know if it matters as it appears that Codemaster does not care enough to even reply. My issue is that the times on PS4 are skewed, which makes the leaderboard and friendboard unusable for nearly everyone. .
  2. TheDiesel1965

    Time Trial Leaderboard Bug

    I am surprised code master would let an issue this big go unaddressed. The global leaderboard and friend board have been renderer useless
  3. TheDiesel1965

    Time Trial Leaderboard Bug

    So disappointed in Codemasters, I made this effort to help them fix a bug that renders there ps4 leaderboard useless.... and I have heard nothing.... do they care, apparently not.
  4. TheDiesel1965

    Time Trial Leaderboard Bug

    Is code master monitoring these board? I thought this was how we relayed issues I spent an hour getting data and screen shots and I have not heard anything. What is the best way to report issues? Is anyone else finding the ps4 leaderboard way way way faster then xbox. Frustrated... I hope codemaster reads this and can reply TheDiesel1965
  5. TheDiesel1965

    Time Trial Leaderboard Bug

    I am providing some addition data points regarding the ps4 leader board. I have attached screen shots as well. On Ps4 the five fastest times are: 1:23.437, 1:25.473, 1:25.539, 1:25.613, 1:25.654 On Xbox the five fastest times are: 1:25.607, 1:25.631, 1:25.686, 1:25.692, 1:25.708 There is no way the the fastest time on xbox (1:23.437) is a valid time. Even more troubling..... Compare the 15000th time on ps4 which is a 1:28.473. On xbox, this time would rank you 3971. (see attached) Here are few more to compare... 1,000 on ps4 is same as 242 on xbox 10,000 on ps4 is the the same as 2599 on xbox This cannot be correct , it makes no sense at all. I hope this help you resolve the issue with the ps4 leader boards Dave
  6. TheDiesel1965

    Time Trial Leaderboard Bug

    I am reporting several issues with the leaderboards. Some of them are covered in this thread some are new. First, on Xbox I am also seeing the problem where I am ranked number 1 but have a much slower time then the people at the top of the board This happens on some tracks but not others. On xbox I am AtypicalHarp1 and I see this issue on Beligum but not on Britain. (see attached) Second, I am pretty new to f1 racing and gaming in general. I started on the xbox and then moved to ps4. While on Xbox I registered some times that made the leader board. I started at the bottom and with some practice would slowing move up. For instance, I placed 9866 at Britain with a 1:30.801. However, on the ps4, with a time of 1:30.190 I am NOT EVEN CLOSE to making the top 15000. This same time would rank me 8482 on xbox. While 1:30.190 is not a great time, I have set other lap times that are within 2-3 seconds of the fastest time on ps4 and NONE OF THEM are even close to cracking the top 15000. Something seems a miss. At one point, I was a two bar gold with experience in the mid 20 Gold.... and I am not even close to making the PS4 leader board. But on xbox I was cracking the top 10000 as a beginner. Now, you could make the argument that way ( way way way ) more good racers are on ps4 but even if this was the case I am a decent driver and not only do I get nothing out of the global leader board, I also can not use the FRIENDS LEADER board because it is a subset of the Global and no one I know is even close to making the ps4 leaderboard. The third issue ( and maybe related to the second ) some of the leader boards as showing obviously bogus times at the top of the board, some times are several seconds faster than any published word record for the track. I am guessing that people are somehow able to cut off 4-6 seconds. The good racers are showing up at the top of the leader board with bogus times ...and lots and lots of slower racers are leveraging the 4-6 second speed up to take up all spots on the rest of the leader board. Please do not brush this off. Please compare the ps4 and xbox boards to see that the time ranges are completely out of alignment. Please look at the top of each board to confirm the some tracks have times that are not reasonable. I have spoken to other racers on ps4 and their is a general agreement even with top drivers that the ps4 global leader board is askew and that they "just ignore it". At a minimum, if nothing is wrong ( which I am certain in NOT the case ) then you need to increase the number of spots to 30,000. I am happy to send screen shots or answer questions. I love the global leader board on xbox and I would to see it working better on ps4. Thanks Dave