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  1. PTC

    Do Career Mode Facilities Ever Progress?

    Did you receive a proposal to transfer to Alpha Tauri ?? Can we receive proposals from other teams in this game?
  2. PTC

    Real dashboards ideas

    Excellent friend. PC only?
  3. Excellent topic. I am waiting for a solution too.
  4. For people who play on the Cockpit camera, enable a function so that the changes to the PMF panel can be viewed directly on the steering wheel's LED display. For example, if you want to see the tire wear, pressing a pre-configured button (on the G29 steering wheel it would be "O"), change the panel screen on the steering wheel's display. What do you think of that guys? It would be a more realistic immersion for gamers.
  5. PTC

    AI Difficulty Calculator

    Each driver with his difficulties on certain tracks. I am new to the game, my basic difficulty is 60. I play in My Team Mode and on some tracks I can be constant most of the time, but in others a total failure. Despite fulfilling all training programs very well (I get to be among the TOP 10), at the time of qualifying and race I am disputing the last positions with Willians. I really appreciate the work of you looking for the ideal AI, but for me, for now, I am not able to leave much of this base 60/65
  6. PTC

    AI Difficulty Calculator

  7. PTC

    AI Difficulty Calculator

    Guys sorry for my ignorance, but what is the acronym "WR"? Example: Comparison of WR tracks. I will start the tests with the table to try to improve my game. Thank you.
  8. PTC

    Help with Manual Starts

    Great tip friend, thanks. I'll look at the steering wheel lights.
  9. PTC

    F1 2019/2020 Suggestions

    In F1 2020 career mode we could receive proposals from teams according to our performance. Is there such a possibility?
  10. PTC

    Do drivers come back in career mode?

    The F1 2020 Career Mode could receive proposals from teams, and not simply change when we want. Is there such a possibility?
  11. After this update, did anyone notice that the difficulty increased?