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  1. I tried veryfing files many times and nothing..
  2. Yes windows 10, I tried rollback windows update to 1903 and nothing. Its broken, Hope some patch will fix it..
  3. hello codies, I bought your game in deluxe edition and bought season 3+4 via steam, but game always if I wanted to start race, crashing on loading screen. This error: Access violation at address 0x609f727c in module 'dirtrally2.exe' + 0x40727c. dirtrally2.exe I tried reinstall game 4times, tried to move game on another disc, re-enable dlcs, reinstall windows, but nothing work for me.. I have lenovo y540 laptop, i5 9300h, nvidia rtx2060, 16gb ram, every scan tells me the mine system is allright. Can you help me please??? I love yours game, but it so frustrating to spend money for nothing... Sorry for my english Yours F1 2019 game working fine. Thanks for responding Tomas Pavlicek