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  1. I will try a one off go and see what I get. I’ve only played career mode so I’ve can compete in a championship. I use full length practice and qually and 100% race. I like realism although I do use the assists because I’m not very good 😂
  2. Ye I’ve got damage set to simulation but still not a single air crash in over a season of racing. From what I’ve read you do get ai crashes on pc but not on PS4.
  3. @BarryBL So that means they can’t fix this problem and we’ve got to wait for 2020 to get the game we wanted. Even though from what I read online there is a mod for the pc version that solves the ai problem. How can someone in there spare time do a better job than people payed a full time wage to fix problems. i don’t want to just moan but I’m very disappointed that this can’t be fixed.
  4. Hi @BarryBL I’ve only recently got a PS4 and the first game I wanted was F1 2019. I do like the game but I have a major gripe with the fact that the ai never make a mistake. They never run wide, they never spin and they never crash. This is very unrealistic and I know from various posts on several sites I’m not the only one with this problem. I’ve completed a full season on 100% race distance with full length practice and qualifying and I’m the only one whose crashed. That approximately 140 hours of running time and not one crash. Also I’ve never had a major car problem. Only the occasional leak while sat in the pits or a drs failure. In real life things sometimes break at random but not my car it seems. I was thinking back to the first f1 game I had as a kid, it was MicroProse Grand Prix on the Atari. That game had it all, random breakdowns, random tyre failures, ai running wide, ai crashing either alone or with each other. Yes F1 2019 has by far the better graphics and the car handling is way more realistic but in terms of ai performance and realism I’m afraid F1 2019 is well and truly beaten by a game released in the early 90’s. You say you need to be able to recreate the problem, well, that’s easy, load the game drive a race and count how many times the ai make a mistake. I really hope you can get some answer on why this is the case and when it will be sorted as I really want to love this game but I can’t while it’s so unrealistic.