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  1. OttoMattic210

    *** did you do with Fuel Management Program?

    I have had trouble managing fuel during races since the update. Had to adjust how i play. I also notice Jeff telling me that computer drivers (Vettel )are having fuel issues"let take advantage ect." I thought it was just in my head.
  2. OttoMattic210

    Coronavirus and F1 2020 - Thread

    Since Formula 1 is canceled. I think the F1 drivers should race on F1 2019 and live stream it.
  3. OttoMattic210

    Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

    Here is my list. 1. Classic Monza with banking, Fuji Nurburg.ect. 2. Red flags with restarts. 3. A player designed fantasy track/street circuit(idea for contest?) One chosen every year. 4. Better debris and damage this wing and tire stuff is old. At least rear wing damage.
  4. OttoMattic210

    Fps drop

    On ps4 going around tutns i have noticed slight lag and when it loads delta times in some of the sectors.
  5. OttoMattic210

    No dialogue before races or from the engineer

    I think so.he said something during race but i missed it. Does he speak in pract-Qual ? Did you check the animation on the differential?
  6. OttoMattic210

    [PS4] - In-game driver animations- Differential

    I guess no fix on driver animations for 1.22. Shame i actually learned the tracks watching the replay.
  7. I think the saftey car fequency for F1 is perfect. I hope f2 can be changed without effecting F1. Have you tried updating to 1.22?
  8. OttoMattic210

    No dialogue before races or from the engineer

    Headsmack no i didnt it was always set to "everything".
  9. OttoMattic210

    No dialogue before races or from the engineer

    I do have verbosity on everything. Maybe fresh reinstall works with some ps4 games. Otto
  10. OttoMattic210

    No dialogue before races or from the engineer

    Actually i am using everything stock.. ps4 mic/headphone and contoller the blue cheapo. Even when i say Engineer talk Jeff comes on and says copy that.. thats it engineer never has anything to say didnt even realize it was an issue. So today i intentionally damaged my engine shift down to 4th-g while going 198mph, even broke my drs going over kerbs but All i get is Jeff. Off topic have you noticed that most of the driver animations are off? PS4 Bottas only animation i get is DRS,Fuel mix, talk, break bias. ERS, differential animations do not work. It actually comes in handy on replay to learn the tracks. I was never able to properly make Lowes in MC untill i saw my teammate adjust the center dial/diff. Oh well guess i am weird. Thanks Otto.
  11. OttoMattic210

    No dialogue before races or from the engineer

    On ps4 v1.22 engineer also says nothing. But all other audio fine.
  12. Perhaps a dumb question will this update correct the currently saved Single player mode build your own F1 Season? Ps4. Just played new version i think they screwed up fuel burn rate.. not doing anything different and lean will not increase fuel load. Also ai seems dumbed down. 85% is more like 75% And a few of the animations are still off. Diff adjustment and ers. Azerbaijan lags coming out of sector 2
  13. 1. Red flags/full restarts. 2. Cranes & flat beds that remove broke down and totaled cars. Rather than vanishing. 3. All classic tracks. Fuji, Monza, Detroit, Nurburgring Las Vegas ect. 4. Improved cut scenes
  14. OttoMattic210

    F1 2020 WISH LIST.

    Ahh ok well maybe PS7 eh. Still red flags would be cool. Or if you could fly in the water in monaco after the tunnel. It ends your race instantly with a cut scene of your car getting pulled out of the water with fish falling out maybe a boot.