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  1. Here is my list. 1. Classic Monza with banking, Fuji Nurburg.ect. 2. Red flags with restarts. 3. A player designed fantasy track/street circuit(idea for contest?) One chosen every year. 4. Better debris and damage this wing and tire stuff is old. At least rear wing damage.
  2. Perhaps a dumb question will this update correct the currently saved Single player mode build your own F1 Season? Ps4. Just played new version i think they screwed up fuel burn rate.. not doing anything different and lean will not increase fuel load. Also ai seems dumbed down. 85% is more like 75% And a few of the animations are still off. Diff adjustment and ers. Azerbaijan lags coming out of sector 2
  3. 1. Red flags/full restarts. 2. Cranes & flat beds that remove broke down and totaled cars. Rather than vanishing. 3. All classic tracks. Fuji, Monza, Detroit, Nurburgring Las Vegas ect. 4. Improved cut scenes
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