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  1. Filda

    ERS automatic

    Interestingly, in F1 2019 I had to press F to activate ERS now in F1 2020 I don't have to press anything anymore.
  2. Filda

    F1 2020 - DLC Upgrade

    10 hours ago 7.6.2020 or before 10.7.2020 10:00?
  3. Filda

    F1 2020 release time

    I thought that the final F1 2020 game was upgraded from seventy edition to schumacher edition when I have a closed beta version of F1 2020?
  4. Filda

    F1 2020 release time

    I bought an F1 2020 seventy edition. I have a closed beta version of F1 2020. When I wanted to buy the F1 2020 Schumacher edition now, it tells me that I have already bought it. What does it mean? Does this mean that if I have a closed beta version, it will be upgraded to a higher version?
  5. Will F1 2020 be played tomorrow?
  6. Filda

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    When will I know that I was selected?
  7. Filda

    GRID Season 3 - Arriving April 15th

    What time will season 3 come out?
  8. Kdy je DLC Sezóna 2 dnes
  9. Filda

    DLC Season 2

    When is DLC Season 2 today?