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  1. Please clarify for me, but if you buy the Ultimate Edition Upgrade and all of the cars are still locked until you have enough money to buy them, what are you really getting other than extra challenges to earn more in game money? With the release of Season 2, I first went in the game and found the new Red Bull track working (love it), then began to see some new cars that were locked until having enough money to buy. I then decided to buy the Ultimate Edition Upgrade thinking I would have free access to all the new cars, but they are still locked. Again, am I missing something or what do you really get for your money when you buy the Ultimate Edition Upgrade?
  2. I did not purchase the Ultimate Edition Upgrade, but STEAM "does" have Season 1 listed individually for purchase. I wanted to skip Season 1 and purchase individually Season 2.
  3. I am not seeing this content add-on available for purchase on STEAM.