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  1. Lakrits

    F1 2021 Car Performance

    If it weren't for daddies money he wouldn't be in F1. I doubt he would have been in F2 even.
  2. Lakrits

    New Miami Track

    It's apparently avaliable as a mod for AC so if you have that game you can try it yourself.
  3. Lakrits

    F1 2021 game

    My point is, I asked Schneehase which of the tracks that were on the original pre-season calendar that weren't in the game since I got the impression he ment not all tracks were. I apologise for that, it was I who hadn't read correctly since he ment for future versions of the game. Still, there have been so many on this forum that's demanded all the actual tracks from the previous season not knowing the amount of work that means. I also think that all tracks should be in the game when it releases but I also know there's a lot of work behind getting them in. Normally a calendar is known well before the season starts, this year it hasn't been so the time is much shorter for the team to finish the work. I rather prefer the new tracks to come in later than not at all.
  4. Lakrits

    F1 2021 game

    You didn't read my question.
  5. Lakrits

    F1 2021 game

    Which track of the official pre-season calender for 2020 isn't included in the game?
  6. Lakrits

    Ray tracing confirmed for F1 2021

    Cyberpunk is probably the worst example when it comes to raytracing. To begin with it's a very performance intensive game and raytracying makes it extremely demanding, even at it's lowest settings. My view is that if a game won't be playable without something like DLSS it's not worth paying for. Sadly enough I'm afraid game creators will start to rely on it soon enough.
  7. Lakrits

    Ray tracing confirmed for F1 2021

    Ok, I have no idea since I don't have an nvidia card.
  8. Lakrits

    Ray tracing confirmed for F1 2021

    First of all, not all PC's will have DLSS. Does the game even support that, or will support it? I know, AMD is working on their own version, but the game will still have to support it.
  9. Lakrits

    Ray tracing confirmed for F1 2021

    I honestly don't see the point in a game like this, except for spectators. While racing just about noone will be able to notice it anyway. Considering the performance hit it will introduce I bet most will have it off anyway.
  10. As all types of functions like this it can be abused. Only solution is to not allow kicking at all, how is the game gonna be able to determine if someone is kicked unfairly? Not allowing kicking will only lead to more carnage since the ones that are solely there to destroy for others will be able to continue. I've experienced this as well. Not much to do about it, just move on and try to find another lobby.
  11. Lakrits

    Overtaking Safety Car

    If you are between the safety car and the race leader this is how it's supposed to work.
  12. Lakrits

    Overtaking Safety Car

    You can't do it. If you do and don't fall back to where you were you will get disqualified and your race is completely over. I know because I tried it. I agree that it's not good as it is. I was just a few seconds behind the driver ahead of me and I went into the pits during safety car. The race leader passed me in the pits because I had a 5 second penalty so I came out of the pits just behind the leader as he caught up with the safety car. This ment I was more or less a lap behind the car that was just a few seconds ahead of me before. I wish they could find a way to fix this but I guess it's a difficult thing to do.
  13. Lakrits

    For what reasons you can't wait for F1 2021 game?

    Finally VR support, I hope.
  14. Lakrits

    Official Hud and Halo Hud for the next releases

    I really don't want a long list like that when I race, it's blocking the view to much.
  15. Lakrits

    VR with HP Reverb G2

    As steviejay69 says, the game doesn't support VR. That VR they do with F1 2020 is a hack and from what I've seen it's not a very good one. Saw Jimmy Broadbent try it and he got motion sickness from it so it's not something I recommend. I hope they will make VR support for 2021 though since I also have a Reverb G2 that works like a charm in both AC and rFactor2.