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  1. Lakrits

    VR with vorpx?

    Just noticed there's an official profile for F1 2021 in the newest release of vorpx. Just want to check if anyone have tested this and how it works, if it really works at all?
  2. And here I thought Weird Al had started to play the game.
  3. We had an amazing s**t show in our league race today. Massive desyncing, safetycar for every little incident, cars warping around, safety car warping around... I'm amazed that some cars actually managed to finish the race. As it is right now it's just not possible to race online.
  4. Did some more testing in the wet at night and I felt that the standing water had a bit more reflections than without raytracing on, but that's about the only change I can see. Considering how much the setting affects performance I would expect more detectable changes. Not that I care much about raytracing in general, it's far from mature enough with current hardware to really make any sense. Still think it seems poorly integrated with the game.
  5. I've tried different raytracing settings with my 6800 XT and even though I go from 140+ FPS with RT off to 60-70 with RT on Ultra I can literally not see any difference whatsoever. I've recorded and watched after but I just can't spot it, at least not while driving. So, it's a rather pointless feature in my opinion.
  6. Lakrits

    Help! Plz!

    Move to another league?
  7. That's a bit what I tried to say in my first post. If you pause the game the server AI takes over and when you regain control it doesn't change place since what the AI does also shows on your own screen while you're paused. Though, and this is as I have understood it, if a car loses connection the AI drives the car according to the difficulty the AI is set at. The driver that lost connection might be much faster than the AI so when he gets connected again the server finds out where he actually is and the car "warps" to that position in your view. The driver himself doesn't notice anything at a
  8. Well, I don't know. It's really difficult to say. I've seen people with bad connections plenty of time, warping around like mad, and I know they haven't been cheating. I'm not saying this isn't a cheat, I just find it an odd way to cheat though. I know in some other games there are "god modes" that GM's can use to monitor things with. I've also seen people that's managed to hack into these modes and use them to their advantage. I don't know if there are such modes in this game, I honestly doubt it since there's no real use for them. So, I can only wonder what a cheat that does what you su
  9. Honestly. To me it looks like that driver only has a really bad connection and is dropping in and out all the time. When he loses connection the AI drives the car and since the AI is set to a lower level it's slower than he actually drives. Then when he gets connected again the car in your view warps to the place where he actually is.
  10. Well, that you feel cheated isn't an opinion and by definition "People who have put in the time to actually play the game should be the ones to be rewarded" breathes entitlement. But I've given my point of view on this. I won't argue more with you about it. My wording is probably harsh but considering your wording I don't know what other way to respond.
  11. So you feel entitled just because you have a lot of hours in the game? Experience of the game is most likely part of the decision, but there are many other criteria they chose from as well. Someone feeling entitled isn't though. Beta testing isn't fun and games, it's doing hard work to find problems, document and report them properly. Do you feel entitled to that as well? Probably not. Sure, beta testing can be fun as well of course but I think most people that apply have no idea what it really means. I've beta tested a lot of software before and sometimes it's just gruesome but if I
  12. Tricky subject. I don't know if Rosberg has driven any F1 car after he retired so the question is if he compares with the last Merc he drove or a more current one. Engine braking relates a lot to the engines compression. Low compression gives a low amount of engine brake and vice versa. I don't know what kind of compression the current F1 engines are at but considering the effect these small engines can deliver the compression has to be fairly high. On top of that there's the drag that slows down the car, as well as friction from tyres and so on. I don't know, I think the cars behave
  13. Being 54 I realised quite a while ago that I'm not even close being the grandpa in here. I'm just a kid to some still. 😉
  14. In regards to my comment. It's not only that but being active on the forum here is one important part of it.
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