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  1. Lakrits

    AMD GPUs No video signal

    Dxdiags isn't something you get when something crashes, that you have to save yourself.
  2. Lakrits

    Manual Brakes

    Well, it's not as simple as having ABS on or off. With it off your setup is a lot more important. It took me a while to adapt to driving without ABS as well. At first I was actually slower, until I had the muscle memory reprogrammed and learned to set the brake balance and so on.
  3. Lakrits

    Leaderboard search function.

    I honestly don't understand why there isn't a search function for the leaderboards. I see quite a few uses for it. In TT as an example, if you're trying one of the classic cars and want to compare yourself to others with the same car, or find a setup for it, you have to scroll for minutes to find it as it is right now. Maybe I want to find a particular player to compare myself with and set as a ghost. It's near impossible to find through scrolling since there's thousands of results in each leaderboard and you might easily miss when you're scrolling. In the weekly event leaderboards I sometimes want to see where other players ended up but that's near impossible as well. A search function would make this so easy.
  4. Lakrits

    Classic car setups

    Honestly don't see a reason to make it sortable, I'm not so sure that would help very much since you might end up having to scroll a lot anyway. A search function though, that would be awesome.
  5. Lakrits

    Time to Bite the Bullet

    I've had the T300RS GT (T3PA pedals) and the F1 rim for a few months now. It's absolutely great and a huge step up from my old cheap wheel and I can really recommend it. My view is though that the wheel is less important than the pedals. Having good pedals will eventually benefit you more than FFB and lots of buttons on the wheel. This is from my own experience at least coming from an old cheap wheel and pedal setup that was impossible to drive without assists going to a setup that's a dream to drive without assists. So, don't cheap out on the pedals.
  6. Lakrits


    So you want to be on overtake constantly? You do realise that everyone would do it then and it would be completely pointless.
  7. Lakrits

    ERS Stuck on overtake

    Let me guess, jokes aren't really your forte?
  8. When computers lock up like this it's quite common the reason is a driver or a hardware issue. I'd suggest to make sure all drivers are up to date, or at least last known working ones. I'd also run a proper memtest for quite a while to see if there's any errors. And no, the fact that other games work doesn't mean that the computer is 100% ok. Different games stresses the system in different ways. This is not me saying there's nothing wrong with the game or that it's your computer that's faulty, I'm just saying that it's a good idea to check these things to rule out those factors. If everything checks out then make a proper bug report about it as the bug report template suggests. A good idea to begin with is to post your dxdiag so others can check for things there.
  9. Lakrits

    Unranked lobby with no assist

    Create one yourself, that's probably the easiest way to find one.
  10. Lakrits

    Blurry Liveries - PC -

    It's difficult to answer when you haven't given any information about your setup. Do as Jobling1983 suggested, make a proper bug report and attacth your dxdiag.
  11. I didn't even think this would work on the PC version since I haven't been able to use voice commands either, with a wired headset. Haven't even found a setting for it ingame.
  12. Lakrits

    AMD GPUs No video signal

    Just trying to rule as much as possible out.
  13. Lakrits

    Whos fault is this at Spa ? ( discussion )

    Well, if that wasn't deliberate I don't know what is. Someone doing that in our series would have gotten a ban for life.
  14. Lakrits

    AMD GPUs No video signal

    Have you checked your GPU temps so it's not overheating and shuts down because of this?
  15. Lakrits

    Bahrain T2 - losing so much time!!

    The suggested racing line is really only a base line to learn from, it's by no means the fastest.