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  1. Lakrits

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    Oh come on. It's a game, how does it matter for your driving which of the merc drivers is faster? The results ingame will never be the same as in the real races, unless they hardcode the results in and how interesting will that be? For me it's important that the cars perform about the same as in reality, then which of the driver is faster in each team doesn't really matter. The end result will be the same for my driving anyway.
  2. Lakrits

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    He's got the power of grayskull! I don't know how it happened but before my last race he was behind Hamilton in the total. In that race he finished 2 places behind Hamilton and yet somehow he was now suddenly before him in the total. Now that's some kind of power I'd like to have!
  3. Lakrits

    F1 2021 - Ray Tracing?

    I really don't see what raytracing would give this game. In the speeds we're driving around it's gonna be really difficult to notice the effects anyway. This on top of the fact that raytracing is still not good enough to really be usable. Give it a few more years of development first. After that you still won't notice much of it in a game like this, if you will notice at all.
  4. Lakrits

    Track situation for F1 2021

    If they know which track to still be announced is I bet they aren't allowed to say so there's no point in asking anyway.
  5. Lakrits

    F1 2021

    After driving around Monza in a F2004 with my new Reverb G2 in AC for the first time, there is nothing more I want than VR support for this game. The experience is just on a completely different level, it's beyond comparison. So, if there isn't any VR support for 2021 I will probably stick to the driving games that does and skip this.
  6. Lakrits

    Isn't it time?

    Got my HP Reverb G2 a few days ago. They're selling like mad. VR is becoming more and more common now so isn't it time for VR support soon? Do we get it in F1 2021?
  7. Lakrits

    When will back markers be allowed to overtake safety car?

    Be glad you're not in Karting. If you get lapped you get black flagged and have to end your race.
  8. Lakrits

    Anyone doubting the Halo now?

    I'm amazed that he didn't pass out. The G-forces his body took from that deceleration would make most people unconscious.
  9. Lakrits

    PC Forum Championship | Season Three

    Well, sad to say I won't be able to take part since I only have weekends avaliable at those hours. So have fun!
  10. Lakrits

    Bitter sweet

    Practise, practise and more practise. The esport players spend a LOT of time doing this. You'll get closer and closer if you are patient.
  11. Lakrits

    Life can be short.....I'm going full Monty

    Getting it right takes a bit of time. Though, if you have crappy pedals it will be extremely hard. I know this from experience. My old cheap wheel was horrible, braking without assist was more or less impossible with those pedals. So, got a new wheel and it's now much easier.
  12. Lakrits

    F1 2021 TRACKS

    Unless any of the tracks will be on next years calendar then it won't happen. End of story.
  13. Lakrits

    Looking for a flexible league.

    I do 100% races in career and drive without assists so yes, I can handle that. I'll contact you tomorrow.
  14. Lakrits

    Looking for a flexible league.

    I'd love to race in a League but my job makes it very difficult. I work for the most part evenings and quite often on weekends so it is hard for me to take part in "normal" european races. Not an ideal situation to say the least. My best days for racing are sundays, I'm free 3 out of 5 of those, the other days are really difficult since days off varies every week. Most workdays I start late afternoon, CET, so a league that races about 12.00-13.00 CET midweek, wednesday-thursday, with options to race on sundays suits me the best.
  15. Lakrits

    Driver Approach System makes no sense

    Exactly. Changing drivers two times per year isn't realistic at all. Sure, it happens that teams swap drivers or replaces a driver that doesn't perform well enough but that's not very common and more of an exception. Contracts are in most cases negotiated for a full season, the game just doesn't reflect that.