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  1. Lakrits

    Bitter sweet

    Practise, practise and more practise. The esport players spend a LOT of time doing this. You'll get closer and closer if you are patient.
  2. Lakrits

    Life can be short.....I'm going full Monty

    Getting it right takes a bit of time. Though, if you have crappy pedals it will be extremely hard. I know this from experience. My old cheap wheel was horrible, braking without assist was more or less impossible with those pedals. So, got a new wheel and it's now much easier.
  3. Lakrits

    F1 2021 TRACKS

    Unless any of the tracks will be on next years calendar then it won't happen. End of story.
  4. Lakrits

    Looking for a flexible league.

    I do 100% races in career and drive without assists so yes, I can handle that. I'll contact you tomorrow.
  5. Lakrits

    Looking for a flexible league.

    I'd love to race in a League but my job makes it very difficult. I work for the most part evenings and quite often on weekends so it is hard for me to take part in "normal" european races. Not an ideal situation to say the least. My best days for racing are sundays, I'm free 3 out of 5 of those, the other days are really difficult since days off varies every week. Most workdays I start late afternoon, CET, so a league that races about 12.00-13.00 CET midweek, wednesday-thursday, with options to race on sundays suits me the best.
  6. Lakrits

    Driver Approach System makes no sense

    Exactly. Changing drivers two times per year isn't realistic at all. Sure, it happens that teams swap drivers or replaces a driver that doesn't perform well enough but that's not very common and more of an exception. Contracts are in most cases negotiated for a full season, the game just doesn't reflect that.
  7. Lakrits

    Driver Approach System makes no sense

    I think the whole mid season negotiations makes no sense.
  8. Lakrits

    Weekly event stuck in lobby

    A fault in the design then. There should be some kind of timer that automatically kicks them out after a while to let the others continue. As it is now it's ruined for everyone if that's the case.
  9. Was gonna race for this weeks weekly. Everything went fine until when it was about 20 seconds left of the countdown in the lobby when it just stops counting down, after that nothing more happened and after waiting a few minutes I had to exit. Windows Steam 1.10 Weekly event This was my single opportunity this weekend to race since I'm working, hence can't try again. Not applicable Don't have time for troubleshooting. Everything worked fine last week. Thrustmaster T300RS GT with Ferrari F1 wheel
  10. Lakrits

    PC Forum Championship - Season 2

    More delays, perhaps I'll be able to join then! 😉
  11. Lakrits

    F1 2020 Codemasters Anti Cheat Measures

    I suspect one of the players in my race during last weeks weekly. He came up behind me crazy fast and the engine noise was just like in one of the videos previously posted on the forum. It sounded really weird. He was such a ****** driver though he still ended up behind me. I did record the race so I might cut it out and send to CM because it was really fishy.
  12. Lakrits

    THIS IS WRONG IN THE GAME! (no bugs)

    At first I read this as "More lions on track" and thought, whaaa?
  13. Have you made sure you don't have two different functions set to the button?
  14. Lakrits

    AMD GPUs No video signal

    No. I have an AMD card and no problems whatsoever, many others do to. To be honest, you could end up having problems with an nvidia card as well. There's been plenty of driver issues with them as an example.
  15. Lakrits

    I can’t hide my frustration anymore

    Well, that's not really a fault of the game. Same thing in most online multiplayer games. Hard to do something about it, there's always the lowlives that just want to destroy for others.