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  1. AlleyViper

    Version 1.16 Update Discussion

    On 1.16 the bug that causes wipers to suddenly stop working under rain on an undamaged car is still present, even if very rare. It'll happen only without auto wipers assist enabled, and if wipers stop in the middle of a stage due to this bug, after manually turning them on, they'll completely stop again later without warning after an interval like 15-20s. The only solution is to, right at the moment they stop, pause the game and enable the auto wipers assist. Then they'll work flawlessly (be always on) until the end of the stage. In case you disable the assist before the stage is finished, they'll start going full stop again. This is unrelated to a car electric failure where they can intermittently fail a swipe (expected behavior). For this bug, they'll keep turning off completely on an undamaged car, leaving you blind until you do something about it, and without any input faults on the mapped button for wipers. Today it started happening on the "Old Butterstone Muir" bridge section under Heavy Rain, while doing the Racedepartment club weekly event. It's disappointing that nothing was done to fix this bug after mine and other users repeated reports, and probably leave this infuriating bug for users running without assists when DR2 reaches EOL. Thanks for your attention
  2. AlleyViper

    Project CARS 3 banners in DiRT Rally 2.0

    This kind of publisher advertisements is immersion breaking, I've had dailys with black/yellow PC3 adverts from start to end. Having the usual mixed racing parts/equipment related adverts is perfectly fine, as it complements rally stage visuals, for as much as peripheral adds start to be a little off. Even the stay at home adverts that were mixed at some point were understandable (for as much as virtual crowds seemed oblivious to them), but having a sim relate to other games in the scenario so forcefully just devalues it. I hope CM takes some lesson from this.
  3. AlleyViper

    Monthly Challenge Group B RWD

    Do you have Scotland? It's a required dlc for that bonus monthly.
  4. It's been like that for much long than this patch, and HoksuHoo has been reporting it consistently but apparently nothing has been done to solve it defintely. But you'll probably only notice it at Elite or Masters level (or somewhere >80% in free play) where semi-final times can become way out of reach for your qualifier pace, it's a bit random, but sometimes it can be 5-25s. To me it completely breaks the RX vs. AI in this game, unless I wish to run against exceedingly slow AI on qualifiers on free play.
  5. AlleyViper

    Game crashes if I try to enter Scotland

    Try a Steam verify (file integrity check), given that you miss the uk_scotland*.* files and to recheck the rest. Try also to temporarily switch your download location on the Steam client, could be a mess up on Steam side.
  6. Issue: Wipers set to manual mode can suddenly turn completely off mid stage, requiring user input to turn them on, and will keep turning off after some time without any user input for that to happen (controller isn't failing and sending button presses). The only way to go around it is to pause mid-stage enable the Auto Wipers assist, then they'll work flawlessly until the end of the stage. The bug will go away on the next stage. Happens very rarely, no way to reproduce reliably. I was affected today by it on the 8th stage in Poland of the 2000cc monthly. Bug was already present in 1.13. Please check previous reports on this issue: LINK1 LINK2 LINK3 LINK4 Method of Reproduction: It's very rare random, can happen on rally and RX as long as wiper control is manual Platform: PC/Steam PC Build: FX8350/16GB RAM/RX480 8GB/W10  Wheel/Pedals used: (official) xbox 360 wired controller
  7. AlleyViper

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    I was doing the H1 weekly, and after the 2nd stage, I was in 98th with 1m:00s event time to the leader. Then, during the 3rd stage, had a close encounter with a tree but didn't reset the car, and manually proceeded to finish the stage, but ended up colliding with the finish line objects which left the car stopped outside the track after pushing them. Didn't get any terminal damage message, so I had a regular stage finished screen with the car teleported to time control. To my surprise, I was suddenly in >10000th place in the following leaderboard screen with an unexplainable 30m+ gap to leader (I guess it should have added at most 15m for an abandoned stage). After pressing continue, I was greeted with a "CONNECTION FAILED", "The server is not available. Please try again later". screen, error 3e3ed13ad0d25b5-cd3417a4-0-0, from where "Retry" wouldn't let me advance, so I had to select the only other option which was to go back to menu (this time there wasn't any warning about progression loss). Going back to events menu, connection was trouble-free, and then after resuming the event, I'm directly at the 6th stage with DNF results for 3rd,4th,5th stages and a 31m:41s to leader gap in ~9900th. *sigh*
  8. Issue: Huge and abnormal fps drop at a specific point near the exit of the bridge on Old Butterstone Muir stage(s), including the larger ones that include this road segment in Scotland. This elongated stutter can cause an accident while driving at speed on both directions. Only seems to affect gameplay drastically on old CPUs (which can drop fps to single digits), or can be noticeable on more recent ones when heavily taxed under VR and requiring high fps. Changing graphics settings does nothing to fps (even when stopped) at the critical point. The issue goes away in replays. Same as in 1.13 at release date. Method of Reproduction: With an old CPU (preferentially FX or Intel core series 1st gen up to 4th), launch a time trial in Old Butterstone Muir. Using a fps/frametime overlay, drive until the bridge and stop before it. Then drive very slowly until its exit, and watch for fps variation until the car enters the next corner. Please refer to my previous post on this issue (link), and also to ialyrn's clip on the Steam thread (link). Platform: PC/Steam PC Build: FX8350/16GB RAM/RX480 8GB/W10
  9. AlleyViper

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    Same here, I'm stuck after finishing the 5th(?) stage in the 2000cc weekly, and will most likely be forced to a DNF. "Retry" pops up the same error immediately, without the usual wait until a another failed connection error or successful progression. When the error that ends in -58 shows at this point, it's still possible to get around it with a few retries, but this one seems impossible to circumvent as "Retry" doesn't seem to work properly. I can go back and successfully navigate inside the stage leaderboard to download new entries, but have no way to continue to the next stage. There were no connectivity problems on the event prior to this. Steam/Portugal Update: After more than an hour of being stuck and then finally pressing "Go To Main Menu", I was greeted with "In Progress" over this Weekly Event thumbnail (instead of the expected DNF), so I was able to resume and finish it. Pffeeeww. But then, I've been affected with an odometer bug on the car (which gleylancer571 mentioned a few times before) that suddenly gave me access to max upgrades due to excessive driven distance computed for this 7 stage event. TBF, I didn't check the hud odometer when I was able to resume the 6th stage from the events menu, but I guess it had been messed by that point. Could it have added kms for each retry attempt? Before this Event, I had done only one short Daily on the Impreza (2008), leaving me with about ~34% progression until the next engine map upgrade (II, second), most likely with just ~5km driven in the car. Now after finishing the current Weekly event, I was greeted with a progression circle that completed the fourth upgrade diagram. Then, after going to garage to check the car stats I got all upgrades unlocked due to 865km "driven" in the car in only 2 (real) events: (this almost feels like cheating)
  10. AlleyViper

    flat tyre change betwee stages

    This just happened to me yesterday, I ended up quitting the current RaceDepartment Club event. I finished the first stage with a (single) flat tyre, then started the second full-lenght stage still with the same flat tyre present but there was no way to change it after stopping the car. I had one spare tyre that didn't get a chance to be used.
  11. AlleyViper

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    Getting frequent connection failed when retrieving the events list, or when trying to start an event after selecting a car. Atm I'm pressing retry for the nth time after having finished a daily stage to avoid a DNF, after failing to upload the result after time table was displayed. Steam/Pt Update: problems seem mostly gone
  12. AlleyViper

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    I think I failed to convey my message. What I meant is that if you have it on, it's not considered as an assist (by looking at the results table were you can sort users by assists off), even if the option happens to be on the assists menu. Also, I got the Sunday Driver and Wheel Spin achievements with it left on (but everything else off), and they require assists off. It's actually a manual override over auto-clutch, a way to bypass an assist when required. I can't leave it off anyway, sometimes a clutch kick is needed when driving Group B turbo cars.
  13. AlleyViper

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    I use a gamepad set to "manual sequential" and under that on the assists menu page I have clutch override enabled, but all the remaining assists bellow it are off. On club/community events leaderboards it still lists me as using "no assists". Could you have anything else enabled on that page?
  14. Again, a ctd after finishing a daily in Scotland under heavy rain. This crash happened while the car upgrade graph animation was on screen, not right after pressing "continue" as usual, but probably while "communicating with server" was showing too. Report was sent, thanks in advance for looking into this random issue.
  15. AlleyViper

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    On today's dailys I got a lot of "connection failed" right before loading a stage (right after car selection), kicking me back to main menu, and then "no leaderboards entries" (download failed) after finishing stages. Steam/Portugal