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  1. When training engineers using mouse input, sometimes it's possible to select 4WD or FWD but RWD will be updated instead. If it matters for px position, it's on a 1680x1050 screen. Maybe it has to do with the confirmation screen having "accept" over RWD.
  2. @GruByGuruIt's on purpose, so the pilot can see the raising needle/redline position better while looking at the road. Rotated tachs with shifting point set at 9h or near 12h are common on racing cars. Please check this picture of Weber/Feltz's Golf: link.
  3. AlleyViper

    BMW M2 supposed to be in garage??

    Glad to know 🙂, Cheers!
  4. AlleyViper

    Purchasing Cars

    Been playing for ~the same time. Just to let you know that you if buy that S4, it'll temporarily be gone from the store, but after 16h it'll pop up again used with the exact same stats. In here it was 54,295.90Km, 279 Events, 26 podiums, 201 finished, 6 terminal crashes. Same with other all the other used cars I've bought.
  5. AlleyViper

    BMW M2 supposed to be in garage??

    Hi, I've started playing DR2.0 recently, so I've missed this event/prize. Are there any news to when the M2 will be available to buy in career mode? Thanks in advance!